Thursday, October 27, 2011

Colt The First BlackBerry With BBX OS | BlackBerry Colt | BBX OS

BlackBerry Colt as The Fist BlackBerry With BBX OS

Colt The First BlackBerry With BBX OS | BlackBerry Colt | BBX OS - Shortly after Research in Motion (RIM) announced the newest operating system, BBX OS, which would become a platform for tablet and smartphone, a handset BBX OS appearance was leaked on the internet.

Colt The First BlackBerry With BBX OS
From the photos which leaked on the internet, the first BlackBerry which carries BBX OS it has a code name Colt. But unfortunately, no full specifications are included in the BlackBerry Colt. It seems that RIM is still closed regarding this information.

At first glance BlackBerry Colt similar with BlackBerry Torch 9860, but without the addition of a qwerty keyboard. The level of thinness was also nearly resembles with Bold 9900 Dakota that has just been released.

Colts likely would use a dual core processor, with screen sizes above 4 inches with a resolution of 900px. BlackBerry Colt may also have a camera on the front and rear. The battery is expected similar to that carried in the Playbook.

The presence of this BlackBerry Colt expected to be released in 2012, with no definite date or month. Presence of BBX OS is later used to hold the dominance of Apple's IOS and Google Android platforms.

"We do everything we can to make it easier than ever to submit an application and register," said co-CEO Mike Lazaridis.

"We remove this obstacle is a very exciting time for BlackBerry developers," he added.

RIM is still trying to prove to the developers regarding BBX advantage as their advanced operating system.

"With BBX, RIM rebuild the foundation for all devices, including handheld iconic, and BBX began to show some real promise in this area, with potentially far more powerful, deep and friendly media platform," says Jan Dawson, an analyst at Ovum Research.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Nokia Windows Phone Released Date

Nokia Windows Phone Released Next Week

dwellarticles | Nokia Windows Phone Released Date - Microsoft stated that the Nokia is ready to release his smart phone which adopted Windows Phone next week. This statement was released by Windows Phone Division Chief Andy Lees who say that the Nokia device is a great development for Microsoft, because the struggle to compete in the mobile operating system market is already dominated by Apple, Google and BlackBerry.

Nokia Windows Phone Released Date
"We are very excited about the news (Nokia) will be in the market," he said.

"Nokia has a lot of resources around the world and they will be a great accelerant for us," he added.

"We have worked hard to build an architecture that allows us to pass our competitors by using the best components available," said Lees.

So, get ready for Nokia Windows Phone

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Designing Your Garden Gazebo | Garden Gazebo Ideas | Gazebo

New Ideas On Designing Your Garden Gazebo

Designing Your Garden Gazebo | Garden Gazebo Ideas | Gazebo - There are many benefits from a garden gazebo in your dwelling. If you have a garden with a wide area, relax in the gazebo can help eliminate your fatigue.

Maybe you've thought of adding a gazebo in the yard. This can be a good idea to create an alternative place to relax outdoors. With the presence of the gazebo, you can enjoy a comfortable relaxed atmosphere without having to be away from home. There are no specific standards in making the gazebo in the park. However, to get your gazebo more comfortable and enjoyable, first you should consider the arrangement your garden gazebo.

New Ideas On Designing Your Garden Gazebo
Actually the gazebo could be placed in front, rear, or side of your dwell, depending on the right land to place it. The important thing, the presence of your garden gazebo does not give the cramped impression in the park. Where the gazebo is established, it should be half the size of the park area. This meant that the proportion of the garden gazebo and the page are balanced.

Designing Your Garden Gazebo

The size of the gazebo to be things that need your attention. Ideally, the garden gazebo is placed in the park which has a size of 2x2 meters. With that size, you can also putting accessory that can sweeten the look of your garden gazebo, such as small tables, chairs, pillows, and some other favorite ornaments. We recommend that you make the minimum distance between the nearest wall of the house and gazebo. To create it, you can use the services of an experienced gazebo maker. The distance between the gazebo and the walls can be made with a length of two meters.

For access to the gazebo, usually made of the path. To be more comfortable, a path made with 40-90 centimeters wide. As a sweetener you can choose cora as the path or it could be with your own creations.

Relax in the gazebo not only be done in the afternoon. On the day and any night you can relax there. To be comfortable in your gazebo, you can put the lamp on a pole, ceiling, or floor of the gazebo. In addition, you can also add uplight in the bushes or other leafy plants. The presence of the dim light will give another impression for your relax time.

Garden Gazebo Ideas

About garden gazebo design arguably has its own characteristics, because the gazebo is usually built separately from the main building, even your dwelling. This building has always stood alone in the garden area where the shape and design are various.

In general, the gazebo can be recognized from its basic form consists of a roof, pole equipped compilers without walls, and floors which are slightly higher than the elevation surrounding ground surface.

New Ideas in Designing Your Garden Gazebo
Regarding the model, the gazebo is divided into two general models, namely the classical model and the model mix of modern and classical. Newfangled classic gazebo is usually very easy to recognize because of its design resembles a traditional buildings or structures which apply many traditional carvings or ornaments.

While the gazebo which are results from a mix of modern and classic style have a simple feature, are not concerned with detail on the building, and the gazebo floor surfaces seem flat. So how about your garden gazebo ideas ?

Monday, October 17, 2011

Get Fresh With Water Curtain | Water Curtain

Water Curtain As New Ideas To Get Fresh Taste

Get Fresh With Water Curtain | Water Curtain - Do not ever leave a blank on your wall. Just give a surprise or a different experience space than ever before. You can do this by applying a water curtain.

Water curtain is basically a fancy term of one treatment in applying the wall or barrier. In the water curtain, the glass immediately adjacent to the water. And then the water is what gives freshness on your dwell.

In applying the water curtain, you need not bother to design a water discharge power because these elements are already quite sophisticated. Not only the water discharge that can be arranged as your desired, but also the color of the water you can made. Or it could be that water which comes with the added element of freshness, like a plant for example. You can give a potted plant in the area of your water curtain. So it could be new ideas to get fresh taste on your dwell by a water curtain.

Added The Fresh Water Curtain

Condition of water curtain that intersect directly with the water, inevitably raises its own consequences in the application. To implement this element, the first thing to consider is the economic factor. Yes, at least we have to think about its maintenance first. When applied the water curtain in the window, automatic its water must be regularly checked, the window should also be cleaned from moss or you will loose that fresh taste.

After that, switch to the its function factor. In this case you should consider is its function to what it used to? If for aesthetic elements, most of the water curtain is applied in the show room. In most residences, normally water curtain function to get the effects or personal. It could be meaned as the homeowners may miss the atmosphere of nature in the mountains, waterfalls, or want to hear the sound of splashing water so they needs to apply the water curtain. It should be a problem if water curtain applied at your dwelling, then you have no time to care it. Later rather than enhance your home, but instead become a source of disease.

Water Curtain

Meanwhile, about the vast space, definitely a water curtain need to adjust to the dimensions of your home space, also the function of the space itself. Therefore, these elements are same with other elements in your dwell, took the right composition and proper proportion. So just get fresh with water curtain styles.

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Get Foursquare Radar for iOS 5

Foursquare Radar for iOS 5

iOS 5 Foursquare | Radar | iOS 5 - The latest version Foursquare for IOS 5 operating system can be updated now. This application which is  4.0 version, known as the Foursquare Radar.

This new application allows users to take advantage of the monitoring areas found in iOS 5 and then send notifications to users about the places nearby, but the users also still get entered into the list of locations. It's like a reminder to check in at the user's local area.
Get Foursquare Radar for iOS 5

For example, if users want to monitor the presence of several friends who numbered more than three people, Foursquare Radar will provide notice to the Apple device (iPhone and iPad) owned by the user, the presence of a friend who is being sought.

Before that, the user needs to choose friends who will be included in the list of Foursquare Radar, in order to use the additional functions of this latest version.

Until now new Foursquare Radar just in the iOS 5 platform. But it will soon be developed for other mobile operating systems, like Android and BlackBerry.

To get the latest version of Foursquare Radar, users previously had to update their Apple operating system to iOS 5 devices.

Dell Windows 7 Tablet Released

Dell Finally Release Windows 7 Tablet in Late October

Dell Windows 7 Tablet Released | Dell Windows 7 Tablet - As rumors that appeared earlier this year reported that Dell will release Windows 7 tablet turns into reality. Dell will release a Windows 7 tablet later this month.

Dell Windows 7 Tablet are called ST Latitude, codenamed Peju. Maybe this Windows 7 Tablet will appear on Dell's inauguration World, in Austin, Texas this week.
Dell Windows 7 Tablet Released

Once confirmed the news of his appearance tablet, Dell executives justify it, and said that the tablet has been designed specifically for businesses.

"Later this month we will launch Windows 7 tablet," said executive director and general manager of Dell, Kirk Schell.

According to Schell, Dell chose Windows 7 because of the many customers who are interested in diverse forms. "So the Windows 7 device is made for people who actually asked us," said Schell.

He added that Dell Windows 7 Tablet do not like any tablets generally, but more specific to the IT environment and business are equipped with many devices in this Dell Windows 7 Tablet.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Google Dart: Goodbye For JavaScript | Google Dart | JavaScript

Google Dart Replace JavaScript Program

Google Dart: Goodbye For JavaScript | Google Dart | JavaScript - Google released a new language programming, which called Dart, who was notated as a replacement for JavaScript. Announcement of the emergence of new languages is done by Lars Bak, Google software engineer on his blog.

Google Dart Replace JavaScript Program
Dart is an object-oriented language programming which designed by Google to facilitate the work of the web developers in building web based applications. Google Dart mission is to replace the JavaScript which is considered to be less flexible for web programming.

The developers who are accustomed to coding using JavaScript must be familiar with the language structure owned by Dart.
It is an attraction for developers for switching to this new programming language. Another advantage of Google Dart, Dart language code can be compiled into the code of the Java language. So that applications built on the Dart can be run on almost all browsers, as well as on mobile devices that supports JavaScript.

With all these advantages, depend on how Google is to convince developers to switch to the Dart. "We're talking about Java that has been around for 15 years, complete with all the tools, thoughts, and a myriad of applications," said Jason Levitt, a software consultant and former Yahoo's evangelist technology.

Google Chrome Remote Desktop Feature | Google Chrome | Remote Desktop

Chrome release Remote Desktop feature

Google Chrome Remote Desktop Feature | Google Chrome | Remote Desktop - Chrome is finally releasing a feature that can connect two computers together using the Chrome browser.

Chrome release Remote Desktop feature
Products that integrate the functions of the remote desktop on the Chrome browser is designed for its users, who do not trust third-party vendors who also already offer similar services.

Google Chrome free feature which called 'Chrome Remote Desktop', launched in beta and allows connecting two computers that have an existing Chrome browser on Windows, Linux, Mac and Chromebooks.

Google Chrome Remote Desktop can access all data on the computer and then to allowing access the computer you should give the code to others. This is an authentication code that must be done each time access is granted.

In its release, Google said the feature is very useful for people who need technical assistance from IT technicians which separated by long distance.

Other products which also provides access to a computer such as Chrome Remote Desktop is TeamViewer and website which are also provided free of charge.

Google said the purpose of this beta release is to demonstrate the function of "Chrome Remoting Technology" and to see how the response from its users later.

Monday, October 10, 2011

BlackBerry Tag in BlackBerry OS7 | New Features in OS 7 | BlackBerry

New features in OS 7 was Named BlackBerry Tag

BlackBerry Tag in BlackBerry OS7 | New Features in OS 7 | BlackBerry - During the conference presentation at GITEX in Dubai, Co-CEO of Researh in Motion, Jim Balsillie announced a new way to use BlackBerry smartphones which can connect BlackBerry users to share multimedia content directly.

BlackBerry Tag in BlackBerry OS7
BlackBerry Tag, which will be included in the latest Blackberry OS 7, will allow users to share contact information, documents, URLs, images and other multimedia content simply by pressing Blacberry smartphone together.

BlackBerry Tag users can later be added directly to each other in their BlackBerry Messenger contact.

"BlackBerry Tags are interesting and innovative features that includes contact information and share multimedia content easily and seamlessly," said Balsille.

According Balsille, BlackBerry Tag opens a new dimension to the BlackBerry platform, in a simple and intuitive.

"We thought it would be welcomed by users and developers," said Balsille.

About BlackBerry Tag

BlackBerry Tag takes advantage of the technology called Near Field Communication (NFC) is in the Blackberry Bold and Blackberry Curve 9350/9360/9370 9900/9930. These Blackberry are the first Blackberry to support the Blackberry Tag.

RIM announced plans to expose the Blackberry Tag through the API on the Blackberry platform, this allows software developers to take advantage of the "tap to share" in their applications.

This application sounds very interesting. This could be the reason for Blackberry users for having NFC in their smart phone.

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ice Cream Sandwich Get Postponed | Ice Cream Sandwich OS | Google

Google Ice Cream Sandwich Get Postponed

Google Ice Cream Sandwich Get Postponed
Ice Cream Sandwich Get Postponed | Ice Cream Sandwich OS | Google - Google and Samsung have agreed to postpone the launch of the new Android operating system, Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) which previously rumored to be released on 11 October.

Ice Cream Sandwich operating system that become phenomenal before the launch, reportedly designed to integrate the Android phone operating system (Gingerbread) with tablets (Honeycomb) simultaneously, although it is still unknown exactly how this operating system works.

The public is expecting the emergence of Ice Cream Sandwich which is scheduled to be launched simultaneously with the latest smartphone from Samsung, the Nexus Prime on October 11. Because many people just can not wait to know for sure what the benefits of Ice Cream Sandwich compared with another Android operating system.

Samsung and Google has decided to postpone the launch of Samsung's mobile phone during the CTIA in San Diego, that previously scheduled for October 11. In this regard, both parties have agreed that this is not the right time to announce their new product.

Meanwhile, according to John P. Mello Jr. from PC World, the reason for the Ice Cream Sandwich delay is most likely related to a number of factors. Just like the sad news about the death of the founders of Apple, Steve Jobs which is become lot of public attention. Besides that, the launching the new iPhone 4S which is considered as the revolutionary generation iPhone handsets.

Instead, Nexus Prime is believed to offer a fresh design for Android smartphones, because this phone will not include physical buttons on the body, both sides, front and rear.

But whatever the reason, there is still plenty of time for both companies to prepare for the Ice Cream Sandwich before finally launched. Executive Chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt had promised the Ice Cream Sandwich will be issued on late November.

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