Friday, November 11, 2011

Minimize Cost Your Dwelling Renovations

How To Minimize Cost Your Dwelling Renovations

Dwell Articles | Minimize Cost Your Dwelling Renovations - Home remodeling is usually done when the owner was feeling bored and want a new look or the freshness at the certain rooms. Not infrequently, the renovations done at home which it looks worn out then renovations is the best way.

Dwelling renovations are important, because the factor of safety and comfort of the occupants remains a major thing. However, the renovation are often constrained with costs problem. Long before the renovation is done, what comes to mind is the amount of money must be spent for the best dwelling renovations.

How To Minimize Cost Your Dwelling Renovations

First, define the concept of remodeling your home carefully. Are you going to revamp the whole or only in certain rooms. When it is determined, please make a list to be renovated based on the priority scale. For example, the roof is leaking as a first priority, then perforated ceiling as a second priority, and change the wall paint is peeling due to seepage of rain water as a third priority.
The second step, if you have to prioritize what is going renovated, next is to determine the budget or cost. Fees will not soar when you are in line with the concept of renovation. The cost becomes expensive because sometimes thought of other things outside your priority scale dwelling renovations. To save, you can take your time to conduct a survey into the building material shops to check the material quality, but it fits with your pocket.

About Time Your Dwelling Renovations Take
Another main thing to consider is the choice of time for renovations. Selection of the appropriate time will make easy your renovations project in renovating your home. For example, renovating the roof during the rainy season will only complicate the development process and inhibit the target completion of the renovation.
Goods replacement
Fourth, it's better for some things which are still good quality is not to be replaced. For example, the framework of a roof or an electrical installation can still be used if it have good condition and perfectly functioning.
The Experts
Use the experts who you can really trust. Nothing wrong if you are looking for a reference before first from close friends or relatives. For example, a contractor with a good track record so that your dwelling renovations is completed on time. Discuss your needs with contractors so your desires and their work can be harmony.

It should be the best tips on how to Minimize Cost of Dwelling Renovations.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

About Smaller But Powerful iPad 3

It will Smaller but Powerful, iPad 3

Dwell Articles | About Smaller But Powerful iPad 3 - Rumors about the iPad 3 re-emerged. This time the latest generation of iPad is claimed to be using a screen measuring 9.7 inches which is equipped with a Retina display. iPad 3 which is the latest generation of Apple's tablet indeed reap many rumors before it appear, starting from a lower price, smaller size and timing of its release.

About Smaller But Powerful iPad 3
Rumors preceded by DigiTimes report that stated the iPad 3 will enter mass production and soon launched in the near future, precisely in March 2012. It seems Apple's latest tablet, will only upgrade some features like a battery that is lighter, but with the use of a longer durability.

Although iPad 2 is still dominating the global tablet market, but Apple is thinking to make better products. iPad 3 will be uses the A6 CPU and by 9.7-inch screen that comes with Retina display to support the picture so it would be much better.
From some of the rumors mentioned above, most likely the size of the iPad 3 will be smaller and thinner than the iPad 2 which uses a 10.1-inch screen. In addition, battery life iPad 3 also seems to be much longer.

Will this can affect the selling price of the iPad 3? Presumably iPad lovers must get patient until an official announcement of Apple about the specifications appear and answer all these questions about Smaller But Powerful iPad 3.

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Colt The First BlackBerry With BBX OS | BlackBerry Colt | BBX OS

BlackBerry Colt as The Fist BlackBerry With BBX OS

Colt The First BlackBerry With BBX OS | BlackBerry Colt | BBX OS - Shortly after Research in Motion (RIM) announced the newest operating system, BBX OS, which would become a platform for tablet and smartphone, a handset BBX OS appearance was leaked on the internet.

Colt The First BlackBerry With BBX OS
From the photos which leaked on the internet, the first BlackBerry which carries BBX OS it has a code name Colt. But unfortunately, no full specifications are included in the BlackBerry Colt. It seems that RIM is still closed regarding this information.

At first glance BlackBerry Colt similar with BlackBerry Torch 9860, but without the addition of a qwerty keyboard. The level of thinness was also nearly resembles with Bold 9900 Dakota that has just been released.

Colts likely would use a dual core processor, with screen sizes above 4 inches with a resolution of 900px. BlackBerry Colt may also have a camera on the front and rear. The battery is expected similar to that carried in the Playbook.

The presence of this BlackBerry Colt expected to be released in 2012, with no definite date or month. Presence of BBX OS is later used to hold the dominance of Apple's IOS and Google Android platforms.

"We do everything we can to make it easier than ever to submit an application and register," said co-CEO Mike Lazaridis.

"We remove this obstacle is a very exciting time for BlackBerry developers," he added.

RIM is still trying to prove to the developers regarding BBX advantage as their advanced operating system.

"With BBX, RIM rebuild the foundation for all devices, including handheld iconic, and BBX began to show some real promise in this area, with potentially far more powerful, deep and friendly media platform," says Jan Dawson, an analyst at Ovum Research.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Nokia Windows Phone Released Date

Nokia Windows Phone Released Next Week

dwellarticles | Nokia Windows Phone Released Date - Microsoft stated that the Nokia is ready to release his smart phone which adopted Windows Phone next week. This statement was released by Windows Phone Division Chief Andy Lees who say that the Nokia device is a great development for Microsoft, because the struggle to compete in the mobile operating system market is already dominated by Apple, Google and BlackBerry.

Nokia Windows Phone Released Date
"We are very excited about the news (Nokia) will be in the market," he said.

"Nokia has a lot of resources around the world and they will be a great accelerant for us," he added.

"We have worked hard to build an architecture that allows us to pass our competitors by using the best components available," said Lees.

So, get ready for Nokia Windows Phone

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Designing Your Garden Gazebo | Garden Gazebo Ideas | Gazebo

New Ideas On Designing Your Garden Gazebo

Designing Your Garden Gazebo | Garden Gazebo Ideas | Gazebo - There are many benefits from a garden gazebo in your dwelling. If you have a garden with a wide area, relax in the gazebo can help eliminate your fatigue.

Maybe you've thought of adding a gazebo in the yard. This can be a good idea to create an alternative place to relax outdoors. With the presence of the gazebo, you can enjoy a comfortable relaxed atmosphere without having to be away from home. There are no specific standards in making the gazebo in the park. However, to get your gazebo more comfortable and enjoyable, first you should consider the arrangement your garden gazebo.

New Ideas On Designing Your Garden Gazebo
Actually the gazebo could be placed in front, rear, or side of your dwell, depending on the right land to place it. The important thing, the presence of your garden gazebo does not give the cramped impression in the park. Where the gazebo is established, it should be half the size of the park area. This meant that the proportion of the garden gazebo and the page are balanced.

Designing Your Garden Gazebo

The size of the gazebo to be things that need your attention. Ideally, the garden gazebo is placed in the park which has a size of 2x2 meters. With that size, you can also putting accessory that can sweeten the look of your garden gazebo, such as small tables, chairs, pillows, and some other favorite ornaments. We recommend that you make the minimum distance between the nearest wall of the house and gazebo. To create it, you can use the services of an experienced gazebo maker. The distance between the gazebo and the walls can be made with a length of two meters.

For access to the gazebo, usually made of the path. To be more comfortable, a path made with 40-90 centimeters wide. As a sweetener you can choose cora as the path or it could be with your own creations.

Relax in the gazebo not only be done in the afternoon. On the day and any night you can relax there. To be comfortable in your gazebo, you can put the lamp on a pole, ceiling, or floor of the gazebo. In addition, you can also add uplight in the bushes or other leafy plants. The presence of the dim light will give another impression for your relax time.

Garden Gazebo Ideas

About garden gazebo design arguably has its own characteristics, because the gazebo is usually built separately from the main building, even your dwelling. This building has always stood alone in the garden area where the shape and design are various.

In general, the gazebo can be recognized from its basic form consists of a roof, pole equipped compilers without walls, and floors which are slightly higher than the elevation surrounding ground surface.

New Ideas in Designing Your Garden Gazebo
Regarding the model, the gazebo is divided into two general models, namely the classical model and the model mix of modern and classical. Newfangled classic gazebo is usually very easy to recognize because of its design resembles a traditional buildings or structures which apply many traditional carvings or ornaments.

While the gazebo which are results from a mix of modern and classic style have a simple feature, are not concerned with detail on the building, and the gazebo floor surfaces seem flat. So how about your garden gazebo ideas ?

Monday, October 17, 2011

Get Fresh With Water Curtain | Water Curtain

Water Curtain As New Ideas To Get Fresh Taste

Get Fresh With Water Curtain | Water Curtain - Do not ever leave a blank on your wall. Just give a surprise or a different experience space than ever before. You can do this by applying a water curtain.

Water curtain is basically a fancy term of one treatment in applying the wall or barrier. In the water curtain, the glass immediately adjacent to the water. And then the water is what gives freshness on your dwell.

In applying the water curtain, you need not bother to design a water discharge power because these elements are already quite sophisticated. Not only the water discharge that can be arranged as your desired, but also the color of the water you can made. Or it could be that water which comes with the added element of freshness, like a plant for example. You can give a potted plant in the area of your water curtain. So it could be new ideas to get fresh taste on your dwell by a water curtain.

Added The Fresh Water Curtain

Condition of water curtain that intersect directly with the water, inevitably raises its own consequences in the application. To implement this element, the first thing to consider is the economic factor. Yes, at least we have to think about its maintenance first. When applied the water curtain in the window, automatic its water must be regularly checked, the window should also be cleaned from moss or you will loose that fresh taste.

After that, switch to the its function factor. In this case you should consider is its function to what it used to? If for aesthetic elements, most of the water curtain is applied in the show room. In most residences, normally water curtain function to get the effects or personal. It could be meaned as the homeowners may miss the atmosphere of nature in the mountains, waterfalls, or want to hear the sound of splashing water so they needs to apply the water curtain. It should be a problem if water curtain applied at your dwelling, then you have no time to care it. Later rather than enhance your home, but instead become a source of disease.

Water Curtain

Meanwhile, about the vast space, definitely a water curtain need to adjust to the dimensions of your home space, also the function of the space itself. Therefore, these elements are same with other elements in your dwell, took the right composition and proper proportion. So just get fresh with water curtain styles.

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Get Foursquare Radar for iOS 5

Foursquare Radar for iOS 5

iOS 5 Foursquare | Radar | iOS 5 - The latest version Foursquare for IOS 5 operating system can be updated now. This application which is  4.0 version, known as the Foursquare Radar.

This new application allows users to take advantage of the monitoring areas found in iOS 5 and then send notifications to users about the places nearby, but the users also still get entered into the list of locations. It's like a reminder to check in at the user's local area.
Get Foursquare Radar for iOS 5

For example, if users want to monitor the presence of several friends who numbered more than three people, Foursquare Radar will provide notice to the Apple device (iPhone and iPad) owned by the user, the presence of a friend who is being sought.

Before that, the user needs to choose friends who will be included in the list of Foursquare Radar, in order to use the additional functions of this latest version.

Until now new Foursquare Radar just in the iOS 5 platform. But it will soon be developed for other mobile operating systems, like Android and BlackBerry.

To get the latest version of Foursquare Radar, users previously had to update their Apple operating system to iOS 5 devices.

Dell Windows 7 Tablet Released

Dell Finally Release Windows 7 Tablet in Late October

Dell Windows 7 Tablet Released | Dell Windows 7 Tablet - As rumors that appeared earlier this year reported that Dell will release Windows 7 tablet turns into reality. Dell will release a Windows 7 tablet later this month.

Dell Windows 7 Tablet are called ST Latitude, codenamed Peju. Maybe this Windows 7 Tablet will appear on Dell's inauguration World, in Austin, Texas this week.
Dell Windows 7 Tablet Released

Once confirmed the news of his appearance tablet, Dell executives justify it, and said that the tablet has been designed specifically for businesses.

"Later this month we will launch Windows 7 tablet," said executive director and general manager of Dell, Kirk Schell.

According to Schell, Dell chose Windows 7 because of the many customers who are interested in diverse forms. "So the Windows 7 device is made for people who actually asked us," said Schell.

He added that Dell Windows 7 Tablet do not like any tablets generally, but more specific to the IT environment and business are equipped with many devices in this Dell Windows 7 Tablet.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Google Dart: Goodbye For JavaScript | Google Dart | JavaScript

Google Dart Replace JavaScript Program

Google Dart: Goodbye For JavaScript | Google Dart | JavaScript - Google released a new language programming, which called Dart, who was notated as a replacement for JavaScript. Announcement of the emergence of new languages is done by Lars Bak, Google software engineer on his blog.

Google Dart Replace JavaScript Program
Dart is an object-oriented language programming which designed by Google to facilitate the work of the web developers in building web based applications. Google Dart mission is to replace the JavaScript which is considered to be less flexible for web programming.

The developers who are accustomed to coding using JavaScript must be familiar with the language structure owned by Dart.
It is an attraction for developers for switching to this new programming language. Another advantage of Google Dart, Dart language code can be compiled into the code of the Java language. So that applications built on the Dart can be run on almost all browsers, as well as on mobile devices that supports JavaScript.

With all these advantages, depend on how Google is to convince developers to switch to the Dart. "We're talking about Java that has been around for 15 years, complete with all the tools, thoughts, and a myriad of applications," said Jason Levitt, a software consultant and former Yahoo's evangelist technology.

Google Chrome Remote Desktop Feature | Google Chrome | Remote Desktop

Chrome release Remote Desktop feature

Google Chrome Remote Desktop Feature | Google Chrome | Remote Desktop - Chrome is finally releasing a feature that can connect two computers together using the Chrome browser.

Chrome release Remote Desktop feature
Products that integrate the functions of the remote desktop on the Chrome browser is designed for its users, who do not trust third-party vendors who also already offer similar services.

Google Chrome free feature which called 'Chrome Remote Desktop', launched in beta and allows connecting two computers that have an existing Chrome browser on Windows, Linux, Mac and Chromebooks.

Google Chrome Remote Desktop can access all data on the computer and then to allowing access the computer you should give the code to others. This is an authentication code that must be done each time access is granted.

In its release, Google said the feature is very useful for people who need technical assistance from IT technicians which separated by long distance.

Other products which also provides access to a computer such as Chrome Remote Desktop is TeamViewer and website which are also provided free of charge.

Google said the purpose of this beta release is to demonstrate the function of "Chrome Remoting Technology" and to see how the response from its users later.

Monday, October 10, 2011

BlackBerry Tag in BlackBerry OS7 | New Features in OS 7 | BlackBerry

New features in OS 7 was Named BlackBerry Tag

BlackBerry Tag in BlackBerry OS7 | New Features in OS 7 | BlackBerry - During the conference presentation at GITEX in Dubai, Co-CEO of Researh in Motion, Jim Balsillie announced a new way to use BlackBerry smartphones which can connect BlackBerry users to share multimedia content directly.

BlackBerry Tag in BlackBerry OS7
BlackBerry Tag, which will be included in the latest Blackberry OS 7, will allow users to share contact information, documents, URLs, images and other multimedia content simply by pressing Blacberry smartphone together.

BlackBerry Tag users can later be added directly to each other in their BlackBerry Messenger contact.

"BlackBerry Tags are interesting and innovative features that includes contact information and share multimedia content easily and seamlessly," said Balsille.

According Balsille, BlackBerry Tag opens a new dimension to the BlackBerry platform, in a simple and intuitive.

"We thought it would be welcomed by users and developers," said Balsille.

About BlackBerry Tag

BlackBerry Tag takes advantage of the technology called Near Field Communication (NFC) is in the Blackberry Bold and Blackberry Curve 9350/9360/9370 9900/9930. These Blackberry are the first Blackberry to support the Blackberry Tag.

RIM announced plans to expose the Blackberry Tag through the API on the Blackberry platform, this allows software developers to take advantage of the "tap to share" in their applications.

This application sounds very interesting. This could be the reason for Blackberry users for having NFC in their smart phone.

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ice Cream Sandwich Get Postponed | Ice Cream Sandwich OS | Google

Google Ice Cream Sandwich Get Postponed

Google Ice Cream Sandwich Get Postponed
Ice Cream Sandwich Get Postponed | Ice Cream Sandwich OS | Google - Google and Samsung have agreed to postpone the launch of the new Android operating system, Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) which previously rumored to be released on 11 October.

Ice Cream Sandwich operating system that become phenomenal before the launch, reportedly designed to integrate the Android phone operating system (Gingerbread) with tablets (Honeycomb) simultaneously, although it is still unknown exactly how this operating system works.

The public is expecting the emergence of Ice Cream Sandwich which is scheduled to be launched simultaneously with the latest smartphone from Samsung, the Nexus Prime on October 11. Because many people just can not wait to know for sure what the benefits of Ice Cream Sandwich compared with another Android operating system.

Samsung and Google has decided to postpone the launch of Samsung's mobile phone during the CTIA in San Diego, that previously scheduled for October 11. In this regard, both parties have agreed that this is not the right time to announce their new product.

Meanwhile, according to John P. Mello Jr. from PC World, the reason for the Ice Cream Sandwich delay is most likely related to a number of factors. Just like the sad news about the death of the founders of Apple, Steve Jobs which is become lot of public attention. Besides that, the launching the new iPhone 4S which is considered as the revolutionary generation iPhone handsets.

Instead, Nexus Prime is believed to offer a fresh design for Android smartphones, because this phone will not include physical buttons on the body, both sides, front and rear.

But whatever the reason, there is still plenty of time for both companies to prepare for the Ice Cream Sandwich before finally launched. Executive Chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt had promised the Ice Cream Sandwich will be issued on late November.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

iPhone 5 Features | Features Immersed in iPhone 5 | iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Features Immersed

iPhone 5 Features Immersed
iPhone 5 Features | Features Immersed in iPhone 5 | iPhone 5 - Apple sent out invitations to a number of media to an event on Tuesday, October 4, which most likely is the announcement of the iPhone 5. Some analysts try to feel what are the features that will be embedded in the iPhone's 4 successor.

Indeed previous iPhone 4 currently could use some improvement, but ThikEquity analysts Mark McKechnie said, "Apple will talk about the iPhone 5 which has a larger screen, dual core processor, and may be good enough to integrated with iCloud."

The iPhone was introduced in 2007 with a unique template touchscreen, the style of 'iPhone' is now adopted by its competitors, which makes a gold standard in the booming smartphone market. The new model, which some have dubbed the iPhone 5, will have a larger touch screen, a better antenna and an 8 megapixel camera.

Apple launched the iPhone 4 in June 2010 in the version of 16 gigabytes and 32 gigabytes, and add a white color edition in April. Some analysts expect another version of the iPhone 4 will be launched together with the next model.

"iPhone 5 will have A5 chip that is in the iPad and faster, thinner, and perhaps with a larger screen," said Colin Gillis, analyst at BGC.

He cited the possibility of speech recognition features as well. This feature is able to detect the sound of someone who had firstly entered on his data base.

Predicted features of the iPhone 5 :

- The screen is larger and thinner
- Chip A5, as owned by iPad
- Dual-core processor
- 8 megapixel camera.
- Connect with iCloud
- Voice recognition feature

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Malware Attack OS X Through PDF | OS X Malware | PDF Malware

F-Secure: Malware Attack OS X Through PDF

Malware Attack OS X Through PDF
Malware Attack OS X Through PDF | OS X Malware | PDF Malware - A security company found a gap in the Mac OS X operating system again. This time has been compromised through a trojan-based PDF files. Thus the results of research at F-Secure.

According to researchers at F-Secure, PDF program that was infiltrated by Trojan intentionally installs a backdoor program that could give an attacker full control of the Mac operating system.

According to F-Secure, remote command-and-control (C & C) are used to connect with infected machines is the installation of Apache. Malware embedded in the PDF is new malware for the Mac.

"The appeal of the PDF is a good trick to get people to install trojans," said Sophos senior security adviser Chet Wisniewski. "The program works when you open a document, and then install malware without your knowing it."

Furthermore, Wisniewski said that, Windows is still preferred targets of cyber criminals because there are more machines to attack.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

How To Choose Right Pergola Design | Pergola Design | Pergola

How To Choose Right Pergola Design

how to choose right pergola design
How To Choose Right Pergola Design | Pergola Design | Pergola - Recent time when homeowners need more about redesign their dwelling, they try to find suitable to fit and make great design for their home. Just take a look more about how they enhance the beauty of landscape or garden. It could be another ways to improve their dwelling.

As we know that landscape or garden is the big part of our home, so there must be a great deal on how to make it better for your dwell. Did you find pergola? Yes pergola can be the best way in rder to enhance the beauty of your garden, pergola can establish a visual impact regarding their styles. Now lets find out more on how to choose right pergola design.

Right Pergola Design For Your Dwelling

Based on our preferences we can find out more about pergola design which are match to our garden style. Surely you need more to take any research about the suit one, you should know its design based on your garden, it is also pertinent to know about the way you structure the designs. Yes it badly need in order to find the right pergola which is suit on your garden.

Be aware that every design of pergola have uniquely structures, and also the size which are avalaible in various sizes. Big size of pergola it might fit if you need a cover your entire patio or deck. How to design pergola which have large size? Maybe you need about shelter or shade in any partucular area, so this pergola can fix it for you.

Do you want your pergola design can match with your garden seat or bench? Just choose design of pergola which has two side extending down to the ground, by adding few horizontal pieces of wood to create a seat and back of the bench. Alakazam you will have pergola which can support your garden seat.

Do you like gardening, then you have lot of climb plants, or hanging flower basket so your right pergola design is to match your likeness. Surely you can make pergola to support your garden design, just make your pergola supporting structure to climb plants, suspend hanging flower basket and also various garden stuff you have like windmills and wind-powered mobiles. Beside that, your garden stuff like metal stars, sun dials can be mounted in the front of or side your pergola. Just find the best design of pergola you want.

Various Pergola Design

You can find more about the right pergola design which are match on your garden design, just use your imagine to create and make it appropriate design. Just make sure your pergola design is your personal style so it should impress your neighbour. If you feel stuck to get the right pergola design, just make it simple. Find about professionals or experts on gardening or pergola design which surely can give you another best option of right pergola design.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Windows 8 | Windows 8 Update | Microsoft Windows 8

What On Windows 8

Windows 8 Features
Windows 8 | Windows 8 Update | Microsoft Windows 8 - Recent news come from Microsoft, they claims that they have re-created their new OS through Windows 8, their latest new operating system which is introduced by Microsoft. As we know that Microsoft introduced Windows 8 officially at the Build conference which took place in Anaheim, California.

Windows 8 have new features such as Metro display, touch screen support, improved performance, a mainstay the new OS. So for the brieft you can read this.

Windows 8 features

Here are four important things that should be recognized on Windows 8:

1. Windows 8 can run for tablets, laptops and desktops
The biggest difference between Windows 8 with its predecessor is it full support for many devices, not just for laptops and desktops, but also for the tablets. In addition, Microsoft also introduced the Metro front view which previously popular in the Windows Phone.

2. Windows 8 runs much faster
This Microsoft latest OS (Windows 8) has increased much faster performance. 'Impressions records' on previous activity in the memory has been reduced, an increasingly short boot time (less than 8 seconds). In addition, the OS also supports USB 3.0 and Hyper-V.

3. Windows 8 will have its own app store
To support this browser, Microsoft also launched a Windows App Store. This move is seen by the analysts as a move to rival Apple's IOS App Store.

4. The touch screen feature in Windows 8
The developers at Microsoft recognized that Windwos 8 is designed to use the touch screen feature. Although the OS is functioning quite well with the mouse or keyboard, but Microsoft said that the Metro (a new front view of Windows 8) is the future of Windows.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

ViewPad 10pro a Dual-OS interface | ViewPad 10pro

Get ViewPad 10pro, Get The Windows and Android OS Tablet

ViewPad 10pro | Dual OS - Get confused for choosing Android or Windows-based tablets? Now you can get both at ViewPad 10pro. This VewPad tablet not only have two OS, ViewPad 10pro is also the first tablet which is armed the latest 1.5 GHz Atom processor Z670 from Intel. Designed specifically for tablet PCs, this new processor will minimize power consumption and enables the design of products that are smaller and thinner.

"We listened to (desire) of our consumers. We make a dual-OS interface in ViewPad 10pro as fast and as intuitive as possible. In addition, we also partnered with CPU industry leaders, Intel, to bring innovation and new designs," said Vice President of Business Development ViewSonic, Michael Holstein.

ViewPad carrying Gingerbread Android 2.3 platform that runs as an application on the Windows 7 operating system. Users only need to tap on the Android icon on the screen to switch to Gingerbread OS.

ViewSonic provides two configuration options for this innovative tablet.Windows 7 Professional platform and Android 2.3 with a 32GB capacity that is valued approximately USD699, or Windows 7 Premium platform and Android 2.3 with 16GB capacity and is estimated to be priced at USD599.

Not yet exactly clear when these tablets will go on sale. However, some sources mention that ViewSonic will begin selling ViewPad 10pro late August.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Windows Phone 7 | WP7 | Windows 7 Phone Released 1 September

Windows Phone 7 Released 1 September

Dwellarticles | Windows Phone 7 - The presence of a new update of Windows Phone 7, Mango version, reportedly still not resolved by Microsoft. A lot of rumors circulating it around the release date of Windows Phone 7 this.

Windows 7 Phone Mango is reportedly been released on a limited basis since three weeks ago and some vendors have done tests on the handset. This means that in the near Mango was able to attend, the fastest at 1 September.

Although it comes too late and was impressed mysterious, Mango is not too carry a very significant update. Some observers even disappointed with this version of Mango because it is far from what is expected.

This news is quite surprising, considering that Nokia also be releasing their first Windows mobile phone and will most likely be present in October. The phone is named Sea Ray then it should begin release with Mango. Although Nokia will likely get a specialized version intended for lower middle-class users, this update is itself named Tango.

Update Mango brings all kinds of important functions, including multitasking. And will make WP7 much more competitive against Android and IOS. This includes the second-generation devices that come from major makers, the hardware must also take a big leap.

Unfortunately there has been no comment from Microsoft itself on being circulating the news

Monday, June 20, 2011

Nintendo 3DS | The Legend of Zelda 3D Version | Nintendo Game

Zelda game 3D Version on Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS | The Legend of Zelda 3D Version | Nintendo Game - 3D version of the game 'The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time' which was released on the Nintendo 64, now Nintendo 3DS ready to present this Zelda game in Europe.

3DS version of Ocarina of Time will feature 3D graphics a lot better than the Nintendo 64 version was launched in 1998.

Nintendo 3D The Legend of Zelda

Nintendo Party said that the original control scheme of The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time has been redesigned for the Nintendo 3DS. The players can control Link characters by using circle pad. Players can also use the touch screen to enter an item, check the map, and change the equipment.

The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time will also give tips for new players, by offering video as a tool.

In The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time, on the main menu of adventure has two extra modes, namely the Master Quest and Boss Challenge.

The Legend of Zelda Game

Master Quest change the puzzles in the game The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time, make enemies more difficult, and placing items in a different location in order to challenge the players.

While the Boss Challenge is a new fashion for The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time. Mode allows players to fight all the boss enemy who had defeated them earlier in the game story mode. Players can fight them one time or in succession. Now its time to play The Legend of Zelda ....

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Samsung Netbook Series 5 | Samsung Chrome OS Released Date

Samsung Netbook Series 5, Chrome OS Netbook from Samsung

Samsung Netbook Series 5 | Samsung Chrome OS Released Date - As previously announced at Google I / O summit, Amazon and Best Buy started shipping the Samsung Netbook Series 5 is designed specifically to operate Chrome OS system.

Samsung is one of two companies which is selected to be a partner in the launch of Google Chrome OS that gives the freedom of browsing for consumers other than Acer.

What on Samsung Netbook Series 5

Samsung Netbook Series 5 produced by South Korean companies are available in two different configurations. In addition, Samsung Netbook Series 5 also offers a wide range of colors that draw on the newest netbook.

The second difference is issued by the Samsung Netbook Series 5 is located on the connectivity. For a more complete Samsung Netbook Series 5 type has WiFi and 3G. Meanwhile, for a cheaper type only use WiFi networks alone.

However, both Samsung Netbook Series 5 are powered by Intel Atom N570 processor with computing cores operating at 1.66GHz already integrated GMA 3150 graphics. Not only that both are also equipped with 2 GB of RAM.

"Other specifications of the best netbook product (Samsung Netbook Series 5) consists of 16 GB hard drive, webcam 1 MP and 6-Cell battery that has a durability of up to 8.5 hours," says the manufacturer.

Not only that, with a thickness of only 0.79 inches thin, the Samsung Netbook Series 5 already has two USB 2.0 ports, card reader 4 in 1 and Out put jack for headphones.

Samsung Netbook Series 5 released date

This sophisticated, petite netbook has a 12.1-inch screen size, with LED lighting and anti-reflection coating which has a resolution up to 1280 x 800.

All of which is intended to let Samsung Netbook Series 5 users get the satisfaction and have the freedom to explore the virtual world. Sophisticated gadget by Samsung. But we still have to be patient to wait for Samsung Netbook Series 5 launch date.

Google Phone | Newest Google Phone Release On End 2012

The newest Google Phone Ready to Roll In The End of 2012

Google Phone | Newest Google Phone Release On End 2012 - Google allegedly was preparing his third-generation Android smartphone (Google Phone). Some media claimed the internet giant from Mountain View's will be released the newest Google Phone at the end of 2012. Wow another great gadget made by Google here.

Google Phone inside 

What on the latest Google Phone will be something different with the last smart phone. Google will not likely use the name of the Nexus as the two previous models. Some news around on this new Google Phone, also claims the new Google phone will use Krait 28nm chips Snapdragon processor or OMAP 4460 and it is would be different from last rumors which told new Google Phone use NVIDIA Kal-El as the initial speculation. So different with all speculation about the processor that will be use on this smart phone.

Google Phone OS 

The latest generation of Google Phone reportedly will carry the latest OS Android, the Ice Cream Sandwich. In addition, this new Google phone will reportedly also have extra large screen size and no longer displays the physical buttons below the screen. Instead, Google will be pinned on 'soft-key' on the display screen of this latest Google Phone.
The plan, this latest Google Phone would be released to the U.S. market, just as the Christmas holidays of 2012. End of 2010, Google's poured his second  Android smartphone, Nexus S. This smart phone is armed with Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system and replaces its successors Nexus, which uses Android 2.2 Froyo. So just take a little time to get the latest Google Phone.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Angry Birds Spyware | Android Hijacked | Angry Birds on Android

Angry Birds on Android Infected by Virus

Google has been suspended several applications after investigators found spyware that will 'infect' the Android Market. Xuxian Jiang a computer science professor from NC State University found the malicious code named Plankton in a number of applications installed on the Android Market.

This code appears in a number of applications related to the highly popular games such as Angry Birds and hid in that popular gaming applications (Angry Birds), so a bit difficult to find.

How Angry Birds spyware catch your android

"The malicious applications installed additional code to Android devices where they are installed," said Andrew Brandt the Webroot researchers, in his blog post, then it should catch your Android when you installed the Angry Birds game.

"Additional functions provide remote access and control of Android devices. Unfortunately the hackers identity (who give specal code on Angry Birds) still unknown at this time," he added.

Jiang found this harmful applications (one is hid on Angry Birds) differ from previously which infected Android applications, in Plankton is using various exploits on the device to gain root access to the OS.

Plankton "Angry Birds spyware"

"Conversely, a remote command to provide access not only known for what can be considered sensitive data on mobile phones, including browser history, bookmarks, and setting the homepage on Android's built-in browser," explains Brandt.

Jiang said that at least there are 10 applications that are infected at the Android Market from three different developers. Google seems to have been dealing with the problem of Plankton.

"We recognize and suspend a number of suspicious applications from the Android Market," said Google spokesman.

"We suspend the application and the developer account that violates our policy," he said again.

Google has been busy moving the infected applications from Android Market in recent months. Last month, the company had to remove a number of applications that are infected with DroidDream malware. Now here come Plankton the Angry Birds spyware

Indication of Menopause | Menopause | Sign Of Menopause

Indications and signs of Menopause

During the menopause transition years, as the body responds to the rapidly fluctuating and dropping levels of natural hormones, a number of effects may appear. Not every woman experiences bothersome levels of these effects; the range of effects and the degree to which they appear is very variable from person to person.

Effects that are due to low estrogen levels (for example vaginal atrophy and skin drying) will continue after the menopause transition years are over; however, many effects that are caused by the extreme fluctuations in hormone levels (for example hot flashes and mood changes) usually disappear or improve significantly once the perimenopause transition is completely over. All the various possible perimenopause effects are caused by an overall drop, as well as dramatic but erratic fluctuations, in the absolute levels and relative levels of estrogens and progesterone. Some of the effects, such as formication (crawling, itching, or tingling skin sensations), may be associated directly with hormone withdrawal.

Both users and non-users of hormone replacement therapy identify lack of energy as the most frequent and distressing effect.[17] Other effects can include vasomotor symptoms such as hot flashes and palpitations, psychological effects such as depression, anxiety, irritability, mood swings, memory problems and lack of concentration, and atrophic effects such as vaginal dryness and urgency of urination.

The average woman also has increasingly erratic menstrual periods, due to skipped ovulations. Typically, the timing of the flow becomes unpredictable. In addition the duration of the flow may be considerably shorter or longer than normal, and the flow itself may be significantly heavier or lighter than was previously the case, including sometimes long episodes of spotting. Early in the process it is not uncommon to have some 2-week cycles. Further into the process it is common to skip periods for months at a time, and these skipped periods may be followed by a heavier period. The number of skipped periods in a row often increases as the time of last period approaches. At the point when a woman of menopausal age has had no periods or spotting for 12 months, she is considered to be one year into post-menopause.

One way of assessing the impact on women of some of these menopause effects is the Greene Climateric Scale questionnaire.

Vascular instability
Hot flashes or hot flushes, including night sweats and, in a few people, cold flashes
Possible but contentious increased risk of atherosclerosis
Rapid heartbeat

Urogenital atrophy, also known as vaginal atrophy
Thinning of the membranes of the vulva, the vagina, the cervix, and also the outer urinary tract, along with considerable shrinking and loss in elasticity of all of the outer and inner genital areas.
Watery discharge
Urinary frequency
Urinary incontinence
Urinary urgency
Increased susceptibility to inflammation and infection, for example vaginal candidiasis, and urinary tract infections

Back pain
Joint pain, Muscle pain
Osteopenia and the risk of osteoporosis gradually developing over time

Skin, soft tissue
Breast atrophy
breast tenderness +/- swelling
Decreased elasticity of the skin
Formication (itching, tingling, burning, pins and needles, or sensation of ants crawling on or under the skin)
Skin thinning and becoming drier

Depression and/or anxiety
Memory loss, and problems with concentration
Mood disturbance
Sleep disturbances, poor quality sleep, light sleep, insomnia

Dyspareunia or painful intercourse
Decreased libido
Problems reaching orgasm
Vaginal dryness and vaginal atrophy

Menopause Studies

Cohort studies have reached mixed conclusions about medical conditions associated with the menopause. For example, a 2007 study found that menopause was associated with hot flashes; joint pain and muscle pain; and depressed mood. In the same study, it appeared that menopause was not associated with poor sleep, decreased libido, and vaginal dryness.[19] However, in contrast to this, a 2008 study did find an association with poor sleep quality.


Cloud Gaming | Future Game Platform | Cloud Gaming Service

"Cloud Is the Future Game Platform So Get Ready For Cloud Gaming"

The game developers may soon be ready to welcome the console or PC game cloud-based, at least according to a German developer Crytek, which is the studio behind the success of Crysis series.

Cloud gaming will slowly come to the surface, with two main services, namely OnLive and Gaikai, which offers the ability to play games through an online infrastructure, where this game actually running on the PC, while the gameplay is actually being streamed to web browsers in which users can enjoy it. Cool description about cloud gaming here.

While the ongoing debate about the service (cloud gaming), Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli is confident that this is the future of gaming, but if the game will only be optimized for cloud gaming.

Cloud Gaming Services

"Gaikai and OnLive, they were pioneers of the cloud gaming. But they also thinks that the current cloud gaming solutions which are very beneficial from a business perspective." as he said for cloud gaming services.

"I have concerns about how when it approached, but I think the cloud gaming is the future of gaming, definitely," he said optimistically about the progress of cloud gaming.

OnLive definitely as a cloud gaming service that is more popular, because it has an online store, while Gaikai working behind the scenes, offers the infrastructure for game developers and publishers, who want to provide quick access to the gameplay from a web browser surely related on cloud gaming.

Will cloud gaming be popular

However, Yerli believes that the service will not become popular until the games are optimized for the use of cloud, like Crysis 2.

"Crysis 2 is not made to be scaled in the cloud. Crysis 2 is not a game of cloud. Crysis 2 is a client-based games running on the cloud. In addition, it has the benefit of scalability on the client side, but not efficiently on the server side, because it was not means are in the cloud. Until this is resolved, and the people building the cloud gaming right, it will always be a business issue, "he said. So get ready for new era of gaming, cloud gaming.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Best SEO Strategy | Best Strategy of SEO

Successful Best SEO Strategy

Best SEO Strategy | Best Strategy of SEO - SEO or Search Engine Optimization is usually a complete plan of services that each website requires.The contest is in a way that for anybody who is seriously directed at internet as a means of internet marketing and making a living from internet, then you simply can't do with no best SEO strategy. With best SEO strategy, everything with regards to the website, that could be, on and off the page, are usually improved.

By best SEO strategy, the online traffic into the website are usually increased and most search engine will also choose that website well enough to get best ranked. But almost the entire package is done in a way to make the web page more visible and be able to generate even more sales.

For the business, every visitor viewing a website may be a potential new buyer. More potential buyers are introduced with best SEO strategy and this means there are definitely sales.

What Best SEO Strategy

Best SEO strategy is not a procedure which are often forgotten for any issue or may be accomplished fully only one time. You will need to always make improvements to and improvise any best SEO strategy methods which means your website is ranked high as well as being seen by more visitors.

Remember the fact that nothing in the internet society is static. You can find movement together with changes so you might want to stay refreshed and get updated.

A best SEO strategy are usually broadly split up into more steps. All of these is necessary and integral into the whole, so your best SEO strategy campaign will have great result.

So lets talk about best SEO strategy:

- Fist is about website analysis

During this case, it much better if you take close study then analysis your website, analyse it issue by issue, its system, layout, content, SEO info, visitor response and elegance. You should see what precisely keywords are usually used by your visitors to get your website, how effective this case most are dependant upon the ranking within the website on search engine page.

Then, you will realize if any visitors are allowed to post your feedback, what precisely the feedbacks say, how superior and relevant stands out as the content, what follow-up steps are done to have a client, the RSS feeds for your page together with links.

It's adviseable to be ın a position for check which search engine your webpage appears and check the effectiveness of your search engine marketing (SEM).

- The following phase could be to analyse your rivals or competitors likewise. While every detail is certainly noted as the center of your webpage, a relative study is conducted. The competitors are earliest identified depending on audience then every information is noted begining with ranking to website structure and links. These services will help to put an individual's links regarding these sites at a sharing grounds.

The next step for best SEO strategy could be define what really should be done once studying your websiteas and examining it towards your competitors' web-sites.

The couple of best SEO strategy steps above should supply you with what ideas on what to gain the web traffic towards your page and basically, increase an individual's sales.

What you should do next on your best SEO strategy, the next step stands out as the implementation plan and also assessment within the results produced.

By combining the best SEO strategy steps above, surely you can gain huge traffic then it surely give you more sales of your products. Get work on your best SEO strategy..

Google Messenger | Android Messenger | Messenger

Google Reportedly Make 'BlackBerry Messenger for Android'

Google Messenger | Android Messenger | Messenger - After Apple announced the presence of iMessage as a competitor to the BlackBerry Messenger owned by RIM, Google did not want to miss. The company is reportedly preparing a similar service aimed at users of Android.
This news comes from Bets Ventura sources that mention Google will try to make a similar service like iMessage for Android users. If so, for consumers, this new application will offer an integrated way which is faster and less expensive for friends in sending messages.
Although it would make the operator distraught, because maybe they will see a text message in their favor so far, will be eroded by Android Messenger. Messaging applications will move texting to data network.
Unfortunately, there has been no comment from Google's side about the truth of the news (Android Messaging). Google is being actively developed its instant messaging service, in addition to search engines.
This means users will be able to send text and multimedia messages to each other, globally, without incurring the cost of a message from the operator. Nice for Android Messaging...

Friday, June 3, 2011

Windows 8 Operating System | Windows 8 Revealed | Microsoft OS

Windows 8 operating system Interface Revealed

Windows 8 Operating System | Windows 8 Revealed | Microsoft OS - Microsoft meet its promise to demonstrate the Windows 8 operating system. So like what the preface windows 8 operating system?

By Microsoft, the user interface of Windows 8 operating system is to cover the gap between conventional PC users, with more user-based tablets on the touch screen. The company is clearly aiming to make the new windows 8 operating system into a friendly touch screen, by presenting a large button on each application.

Windows 8 operating system video

In this video also reveals that the developer would get the Windows 8 operating system code to run applications using HTML5 and JavaScript. It will blur the distinction between local software and web applications.

It also user interface Windows 8 operating system, also featuring the Metro design used on Windows Phone. The user interface displays the hours and days, including the iconic power management and ease of access to applications.

Windows Operating System released date

Unfortunately there is no further details about Windows 8 operating system, which indeed is merely a demo video. Includes when the final version will be released soon, although there may be presented in 2012 by Microsoft. So we have to wait the new Windows 8 Operating System..

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

iPhone5 and 8MP Camera | iPhone5 Released Date | iPhone 5

Rumors: iPhone 5 Steady To Use 8MP Camera

iPhone5 and 8MP Camera | iPhone5 Released Date | iPhone 5 - Rumors about the presence of fifth-generation iPhone (iPhone 5) that reportedly will be released in late July or early August is getting tight. Discussions on the specifications of Apple's flagship mobile phone continues to roll.

Several sources who declined to be named says that the iPhone 5 will adopt a design that is not much different from the four previous iPhone. But clearly, this handheld device (iPhone 5) will use a camera with a resolution of 8 megapixels.

Flash about iPhone 5 spect

iPhone 5 will use the ARM Cortex-A9 processor, but it is unknown whether the brain-power single or dual CPU cores.

Also, the iPhone 5 will use the dual sim card, which means that the ability of the iPhone 5 will compatible with GSM or CDMA-based network.

iPhone 5 rumors

The report claims that iphone 5 will include Qualcomm chipsets, will be released in late July or early August. It is not yet clear when the exact date. Feel so nervous to get this iPhone 5???

New Mac OS X | Mac OS x Lion | Apple Mac OS

Apple Introduce New Mac OS X On Next Week

New Mac OS X | Mac OS x Lion | Apple Mac OS - Apple CEO Steve Jobs will leave off his pain to open the developer conference (WWDC) in San Francisco next week. On this occasion, Jobs reportedly going to release a new operating system for Macs, Lion.
"Steve Jobs and several Apple executives will open WWDC next week," a statement from Apple.

The new Mac OS system

The plan, Jobs will deliver a major speech (keynote speech) before introducing a new development from Apple (new Mac OS), including the Mac OS X operating system as the eighth Mac OS output system or version 10.2.
Not only that, Apple also plans to release a new version of mobile operating system for the iPhone and iPad, the IOS 5.

Mac OS and Job

Jobs submitted leave for sick reason since January 2011 in order to concentrate on treating pancreatic cancer as he suffered. 56 years old male had pancreatic cancer surgery in 2004 and received a liver transplant in 2009.
But until now Apple has not provided the latest details about Jobs health condition, eventhough as the news above that Job will deliver keynote speech before new Mac OS introduction.

ViewSonic Dual OS Specification | ViewSonic Dual OS Tablet | ViewSonic

'Dual OS' ViewSonic Tablet Android and Windows

ViewSonic Dual OS Specification | ViewSonic Dual OS Tablet | ViewSonic - In the Computex 2011 exhibition which held in Taipei, Taiwan, the company ViewSonic displays a dual tablet PC OS which are supported by Intel processors Oak Trail.

This device is capable running Windows 7 as the base OS, but laden with Bluestacks virtualization software, which enables Android and applications related to the Android side by side in a x86 Wintel environment.

ViewSonic Specification

"This tablet are strength in hardware and software, and ideal for users who want to have a combination of entertainment and professional needs,"said Alan Chang, a spokesman for ViewSonic.

"This allows the user to switch instantly between two OS without turning off the tablet. Android for simple tasks like browsing the Web and Windows 7 for business applications," he added

ViewSonic dual OS additional specifications include a 10.1-inch screen, 1.5 GHz Z670 Atom processor, 32GB of storage memory, WiFi/Bluetooth/3G and 3500mAh battery.

Get another ViewSonic tablet

ViewSonic also demonstrated ViewPad 7X, 7-inch Honeycomb tablets based on dual-core processor Nvidia Tegra.

This device weighs only 380g and offers front and rear camera, capacitive multi-touch screen display, an HDMI port, support DLNA connectivity and HSPA +.

Ready to get new ViewSonic Dual OS Tablet?

Nvidia For Tablet | Nvidia Smartphone and Tablet Chipsets

Nvidia Ready For Tablet Market

Nvidia For Tablet | Nvidia Smartphone and Tablet Chipsets - Nvidia confirms the reason that they can not continue to sell chipsets for PCs, because now everyone wants to buy a tablet.

Jen-Hsun Huang, Nvidia's CEO said that he wanted to make a change, namely to build chipset that supports smart phones and tablets.

"Before the Nvidia chip is using only for PC graphics and available only for PCs only," said Hsun.

Nvidia Chipset

Huang added that with growing sales and declining sales of tablet PCs, indicating that Nvidia also have to come jump on it. But now Nvidia also must deal with Intel and AMD, because their processors also have a graphics capability, which must go on Nvidia's share of sales.

Huang claims that Nvidia is ready now, because opportunities in the market for them is six times greater than before.

Clearly, the plan is the closest in the mobile chip Tegra 2. Tegra chip 2 is in the Droid X2 and tablet types like Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Nvidia and tablet

The plan, Huang wanted for Nvidia to be important for the Android OS, as the importance of Intel for Windows.

Huang also stated that the first wave of Android tablet is still too expensive, lack of application and the lack of information to the retailer. But he predicts that it will not be a problem in the next wave of Android tablets.

"Tablet Android next will probably use quad-core processor, a chipset with four processors," said Huang.

"While the Tegra Chipset 2 will be present in the Eee Pad Transformer TF101, a laptop that is now turned into a tablet," he added.

In addition, Huang also predicted if within two to three years ahead, Android will rule the worldwide tablet operating system. Its time to Nvidia get to another market shares.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dwell: Maple Forest House | Home Unique Design | Forest House

A Unique “Maple Forest House”

Inspiration from American occupant is quite unique. For those of you who want home sweet home for your vacation, the design of Maple Forest House could be an alternative.

Building a home not only reflect the taste and prestige of the owner. The location of a house also determine the design and materials used. Houses made of wood materials or maple forest house can be an alternative choice for a natural vacation home.

Usually, if a house is built of materials that never touched by human material, such as wood, it capable of giving a warm atmosphere for the residents.

The Unique of Maple Forest House

This maple forest house often found in small forest areas in the United States as a vacation home with a unique exterior. The specialty of this wooden house many displays details on the timber. Most of the maple forest house materials are derived from wood.

From the outside, this house has a sloping roof and pointed upward. On the roof of this house there is a unique curve on the top of the roof window above the entrance. With walls that are all derived from the wood side, automatically color the house is dominated by the brown type.

When entering the maple forest house, you must first pass through the porch that is similar to the ship deck. This deck intentionally constructed slightly higher than ground level.

Maple Forest House Advantage

Maple Forest House is take advantage of the forest area as the location of the house. The windows installed in many places by pointing to the four cardinal points. The wide window allows you to get direct sunlight. In addition to ventilation, residents can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the house every day.

Like other houses in general, this house divided into several rooms. What is special about this room is a walled fireplace stones. In areas with cold temperatures, this fireplace can be installed to give a warm the room.

Living room, kitchen and dining room not separated by walls or insulation of the room. It to provide an atmosphere of relief in the home. The kitchen design can be given space in one corner near the window. So you can enjoy a leisurely breakfast and the fresh morning sun. What a great Maple Forest House design here.