Thursday, June 24, 2010

Just Index My Page…..Please!!!

How do you get your site into the search engine, it might be the next question after you have built your site. Many site owners are confused about how they get their site into search engines, even they don’t know about that. Sometime they are assume that to register their site just go to a search engine then provide the URL to their entire page and finally wait for the search engine to came along and index the pages. It is not as simple like that; you might take notion on my post this time.
Linking your site
About link and about the importance of link always become the important thing. Just remind, the more links pointing from other site to yours the more important the search engine will think your pages are. By using your link you can provide a way the search engines to find your site, and getting into the most important index, just like Google, is much quicker through linking than through registration. In this case one or two links aren’t enough for some search engines, get your link building campaign for your site. Try to find the best and suitable links for your site.
Make your site get submitted on major system
It also important thing that you should do for your site, you can submit your site directly to major system just like Google, Alta Vista, Alltheweb and many kind of them. But remember just because you submit a site doesn’t mean you’ll get picked up but it is an important thing to make them know for the first.
Get submitted on major system, this system provide two things. The first is about submitting for free and you have to pay to get your site indexed. For free submitting, this system accepts free URL submissions. In some case they won’t accept more than a specific number submission one day, three a day, or whatever. And sometimes they need a reciprocal link for their system.
Submitting your site using paid inclusion, these paid systems provide you with the privilege of paying to have search engine index your pages. You pay the search engine a fee for a year and then the search engine guarantees to index your pages within a certain time, promise to come back frequently to re index your pages, and guarantees that your page will remain in the index for the full term of the agreement. If you like speedy updates this paid inclusion might better for you, you can tweak pages and see the result in your search engine rank within a few days.
Submitting to the secondary system
This is another ways and can fit your site need; you can also submit your site to smaller system with perhaps a few hundred million pages in their indexes. But the disadvantage for these systems is that they are relatively little used, many search engine sometimes ignore the smaller system altogether.
Use registration service and software program
You can also submit your pages to hundreds of search engines by using a submission service or program. Many of them are free for your, they are provided by companies that hope that you’ll spring for a fee-based full service. In this case you should realize that this automated submission tolls are easy to use, submitting by hand is the best option if you have the time. You can’t guarantee that an automated tool completes the correct fields, so the best use your hand to submit your site………..KEEP FIGHT

How About “Green”

Building “green” is a popular industry in the recent days, it because can bring a lot benefits for the owners then also bring good impact for our great environment. By the “green”, we can limit the use the global warming and also the air pollution for making better place to our next generations and for the world where we live.
For being “green” we can start from our building materials such as a lumber, try to change it with something new like wood fiber. Recycler materials such as bamboo are more useful thing for our flooring if we are choosing the traditional flooring options.
And then for our heating and cooling system, we can use a lot power from solar energy that it is free for us. We can save our payment on electricity then we can make a good impact for our environmental. For choosing solar energy it might need an expensive outright, but it is another ways to keep and saving our environment for being good. Use windows with a low remissibility for better cooling and heating cost, and installing special roof that are heat resistant to make it.
For our garden, use a certain landscaping techniques that will help to eliminate correcting damaging drainage issues, using turf grass and also the native plant life. Beside that, eliminate also for using harmful pesticide and fertilizer that might made your environmental unhealthy.
Use “green”, being “green” for our better live……..

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

PooR CompuTers

Do you have a computer that need more a time when it start up or it need a lot time when opened a program or file?
If you have it, it is definitely time for you to pick up some tips on how to speed up a slow computer. Or you waste your time for useless thing to watch all above then your electric bills will run for it.
For this you might need some simple tips on how to speed up your slow computer, it easy to make it work faster than before. For the first you need to uninstall and remove programs which you no longer use as they take up space in your hard disc. This goes the same for unused files; delete them as they might slow down your computer. Delete the unnecessary shortcuts or icons present in your desktop for a faster and better performance from your computer. Having lots of icons on the desktop only slows down your computer for its start-up. Or you have more in video, audio, and picture files, you should choose the important then save it. Or you can burn it for cd and dvd or share it on internet.
The second is about malwares, viruses, and spyware. Take a note for this thing; it can slow your computer process and it will not just slow down your computer but put the programs and file in your computer at risk as well. You need a good and efficient anti-virus or malware tool to do the job regularly.
After that you should check your computer’s maintenance, run disc clean up tools for your computer so that temporary files, unnecessary components and cookies could be removed from your computer system. Defrag your computer from time to time even tough it will take some time but its worth it as the computer’s performance would be up to standard and the speed will be able to keep up as well.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Links Oh … Link

There are various link-building methods like exchange of links, buy high PR links or building one way links using Link building Services. If you have used the appropriate link building tools then the traffic on your site will increase, it be get more exposure and would also become popular.
Link building is not very hard and one of the most necessary tools which help to rank your site high in the major search engines on the internet. Link building also increases the traffic to a very hugh amount. So it is very important to keep in mind which link helps you to make your client profile and grow the traffic rate drastically when linked to the earlier rate. It is not the end the vantage list is unlimited; it also helps to uplift the site grandness.
For getting you site ranked in search engine outcome page among the vastly known search engines like Yahoo, Google, MSN, the quoted websites consider many factors. And the main thing they look in a site to consider is the ‘quality back links’ to rank high among these ifs and buts. It is no longer hidden that link building by directory submissions; article submissions etc are some of the widely accepted ways to make incoming links to a website from a related page. The multiple advantages of directory submissions are as follows, additional targeted traffic, quality back links, higher page rank in search engines, improved search results, direct or one way links to website etc.
Some effective link building tools that might you need:
Buzz Stream, this tool also helps in increasing the ranking of your page on search engines. It helps in creating the essential out search using the streamlining link research in an effective manner.
You can use link popularity tool which is very effective link building tool, it helps you to know about the popularity of your website. It also tells you about the number of inbound links pointing to your site. It can help you to know about the popularity of your own website as well as the websites of your competitors.
Link explore, this tool contains the database of a large number of websites, which are marked according to the material they contain. This tool makes the use of spider and automatically adds many new sites to your own website every month.
The Hub Finder, it can help you in creating a hub of re-occurring back links of a particular keyword used by the webmaster. This is a very powerful tool through which you can easily find websites and many of the Link building Services is already using it, which can be included, as your quality web partners.
Link exchange manager is a very dominant tool, based on free software program that can effectively assist the web creators to develop inbound and outbound links that can help them to keep a track of the ranking of their website. This tool also helps you to create original pages that are search engine friendly. Even some of the Link building Services uses this tool.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Money From Blogging

One of the most popular and common part-time job in the Internet is blogging for advertisers. If you want to know how to have money making blogs, maybe I can help you
1. Make sure that you love writing and you could express your ideas well. It need your ability in writing.
2. Set up a blog account in wherever you feel most comfortable. You can find various provider to do this or you can make it if you have a good skill on web design
3. Find an advertisement feeder which would supply you with advertisements that would be posted on your blog site.

4. Find a space in your blog site wherein you could position your advertisements.
5. Blog away! However, make sure that what you are posting is relevant and that your site traffic does not drop.
Before that you should pay attention on how getting traffic for your site.
Having a blog is nothing to you or anything at all to your readers if you are not getting enough traffic to show who you are and make your name known. To do that you need a social networking, blog posts can now be syndicated across many different platforms such as friend feed, twitter, faceboook with rss in place. You need to find blogs in your niche that have the same topic as you, leave comments on posts. Promote affiliate products for your competitor's blogs and ask to guest blog posts. Rss feed is the way to go to syndicate your content all over the internet and get your content out there and get it out there quickly. When ever you log on to a new social networking platform, make sure you see if you are able to syndicate your content automatically from your blog. Submit your content to article directories. Of course with a link back to your site it can be very effective for inbound links and search engine traffic. Don’t forget to get the site links…
Let try………….

Choosing a Hosting Company and Domain Name

When you create a websites the first thing to consider is where you should put your site, it means you should have the web server (hosting company) and then the domain name first.
For domain name you should choose a domain name that short, easy to spell, and also its name easy to remember. After you find it, you should get the .com version of a domain name, but you don’t ever try to use .net, .org, .cc or anything else as an another alternate. It could take effect for your site traffic because of almost people much easy to remind .com version than other.

The best web host for user is the one that meets their most important needs, sometimes this could be meaning as a host that allows for a lot of bandwidth, provide more tools and options for building their web sites. Then for the others the best web host is the one that is the most affordable. So for choosing the best web host for your needs is extremely important. Maybe you might prefer a cheap web hosting; it can be you choose this cheap web hosting as long as your site doesn’t attract thousand of visitors a day. Such as if you have a blog or a small business site. But beware if you are using a cheap web host, you should prefer to choose a web host that offers a money back guarantee or you have to look at how long that company has been operating how many websites it hosts.
At last, if you think you are ready for all above you can put your site then manage it for your needs.

Monday, June 7, 2010

How Fast Your Load Page Take

One point important thing on site in internet is about loading time of our site, for this case it can because all of the things from your site and also the internet connection speed. If a web page takes too long a time to load, the visitors will simply jump on to another site. It make your site rating down, and it is poor thing if you have already follow and join to an affiliate program or if your site for promotions. Even though the download time depends on the internet connection speed but we can limited this problem from your lay out and source code to make it faster.
All about sounds, videos, flash programs, slideshows, special widgets, and also a gadget are always interesting to make cool your site, but the cool it self is not needed if you are trying to make something on your site. It is the first things that make your site need more time to load, so to make it faster you need to limit or remove those all that you really don't need. If you are like to show up your favorite video then make it embed on your sidebar, it would better if you try to create link instead. If you are embedding a background music file, choose one that has a very small file size (e.g., MIDI files instead of WAV files).
How about images on your page, huge and a lot images on your page it will affect on your page load speed. Try to optimize it by reducing the file size, you can use photo editing software then resize or crop the images. When you are trying to save it you can choose low or medium quality format, it would much better than you choose high quality format for your images. Then it about JPG and GIF images, I think the GIF images will take a faster load than JPG images then it have smaller file sizes. Maybe GIF images are not as sharp but are appropriate for standard graphics and buttons.
And then more about JavaScript on your blog, JavaScript it self is about the languages that the browser must load and interpret. A complicated script may take time to execute. Now where you can find this code, it is simple just like in your Google Ads. If your advertisement were slow in delivering the information it will affect on your page loads. Beside your Adsense you might control the third party widgets and gadgets which are on your blog or website.
You make a blog or website so you should know about HTML codes even though you are the newbie, for this go to your template code and remove the whitespaces. These are the extra lines or spaces between the codes. There are also the empty tags or useless tag that you can remove, just like meaningless opening and closing tags like these with nothing in between:-
{ div --- /div
font --- /font
b --- /b
i ---/i


All above are useless tag, you should remove it all on your HTML page.
How about the template, please try to use a template without background images, it made the browser has to access separate servers to extract the images. Don't forget to use link checker to find out a bad links, links when clicked, point you to an invalid or non-existent site. Just remove this bad link from your blogroll.
And the last is about content which you have, if you still find the page load time a little long then you should try to display only one post on your main page or split your content into parts. It's true; you can save a load time when you make this.
To know more about the load page of your blog or website just use free online tools to check it seems like a website speed test for the keyword on your search page. After use it absolutely you can know how about your load page, if you find something trouble about it you can try all above just to save your load time. Wish it can help......

Friday, June 4, 2010

What You Can Get For Using Link Building Service

Link building is an important part of any websites, by link building your site can attract the visitors and search engine. The more link a website and blog has the better it would do with search engine. By link building you can optimized your websites and blog. For this you can get started your link building by using link building service, many this service are free so it means it doesn’t cost anything for you. Just manage it wisely by select your link partner which can boost your web site or blog. 

Content is King, if you have a good article for your content you can submit it to article directories. After you are submitting your article on those directories, you can add your information on those directories by using your articles. So you can get free link by this which also builds your credibility and your popularity as a writer.
The other benefits of using link building service, you can afford free or the other ways of advertising. As the owners you can choose a relevant links for your website and blog, when you make it linked automatically it’s your free advertising. Beside that you can make the connections with others with your niche, and for this connection it might made some people recommend your website to their friends then your sales by partnering with other website also increase

How to Add Sitemap to Blogspot

Sitemap is very important tool for your blog, it helps to index all your pages. You should realize that a search engine only indexes your home page, so if you updated your blog weekly or even daily seems it just nothing. Search engine cant indexes your new page that have individual post page. For this your blog badly needed a sitemap. Actually sitemap does not affect on your SEO but it takes effect on your blog traffic, you can loose lot visitors and you only create much page that useless. Yes your new page does not indexed by search engine.
By using sitemap your blog can get a lot traffic, you can’t underestimated how the importance of sitemap for your blog. By a sitemap all pages have a link to your home page. Your page with all submitting articles should be indexes and get ranked after you created your blog sitemap. As on Google crawling and indexing, sometime it spiders will miss your new pages. In this case the stand alone page without link from any other page that missed by Google spider. So you can relax if you write another article on your blog.
Why Blogspot? Blogspot is a familiar blog for free, and it is easy to use and manage it. But in blogger blogs you can’t add an XML sitemap, since you can’t upload file to blogger. For this you can use your Blogger Atom or RSS feed as your sitemap. After you sign into Google Webmaster you can go to your website profile and click Add under sitemap. Then choose the type of sitemap as General Web Sitemap. In the field provide, just complete your feed URL. If you used Feed Burner to burn your feed and have put it as your default feed in Blogger feed setting, then instead of feeds/posts/default use feed/posts/default?rss. From now on all your post will automatically indexed by search page.