Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dwell: Maple Forest House | Home Unique Design | Forest House

A Unique “Maple Forest House”

Inspiration from American occupant is quite unique. For those of you who want home sweet home for your vacation, the design of Maple Forest House could be an alternative.

Building a home not only reflect the taste and prestige of the owner. The location of a house also determine the design and materials used. Houses made of wood materials or maple forest house can be an alternative choice for a natural vacation home.

Usually, if a house is built of materials that never touched by human material, such as wood, it capable of giving a warm atmosphere for the residents.

The Unique of Maple Forest House

This maple forest house often found in small forest areas in the United States as a vacation home with a unique exterior. The specialty of this wooden house many displays details on the timber. Most of the maple forest house materials are derived from wood.

From the outside, this house has a sloping roof and pointed upward. On the roof of this house there is a unique curve on the top of the roof window above the entrance. With walls that are all derived from the wood side, automatically color the house is dominated by the brown type.

When entering the maple forest house, you must first pass through the porch that is similar to the ship deck. This deck intentionally constructed slightly higher than ground level.

Maple Forest House Advantage

Maple Forest House is take advantage of the forest area as the location of the house. The windows installed in many places by pointing to the four cardinal points. The wide window allows you to get direct sunlight. In addition to ventilation, residents can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the house every day.

Like other houses in general, this house divided into several rooms. What is special about this room is a walled fireplace stones. In areas with cold temperatures, this fireplace can be installed to give a warm the room.

Living room, kitchen and dining room not separated by walls or insulation of the room. It to provide an atmosphere of relief in the home. The kitchen design can be given space in one corner near the window. So you can enjoy a leisurely breakfast and the fresh morning sun. What a great Maple Forest House design here.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Microsoft: Windows OS Tablet | Windows Tablet OS | Windows OS

Microsoft Ready to Show Off Windows OS Tablet Next Week

Microsoft moved quickly in the mobile segment by providing Windows OS Tablet, this reportedly rumored that Microsoft ready to be showing off the Windows operating system tablet (Windows OS Tablet) that is devoted to the tablet devices.

After Microsoft announced Windows Mobile 7.5 update, which also known as Mango, they prepare to bring the Windows OS Tablet version next week, in an event that has been prepared.

Windows OS Tablet still Rumors?

However, Microsoft is reluctant to comment on such rumors about their new Windows OS Tablet. Especially after any newspapers said, the Windows OS Tablet will be holding a Tegra microprocessor.

Microsoft is a competitor of Apple which currently dominates the tablet PC market, by selling 7.5 million iPad since its debut in April and the end of September. Market researcher Strategy Analytics predicts that Apple currently holds 95 percent of the tablet computer market.

Windows OS Tablet as Microsoft Wish of Plan Market?

However, tablet computers which running Google‘s Android operating system is expected to be the foremost leading competitor in the near future. The alliance with ARM could help Microsoft catch up on the mobile device market. By this reason Microsoft ready to work harder to make this operating system can catch the Apple market share. So we wait about this next tablet share market of Windows OS Tablet.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Xbox Live | Xbox 360 and 3D | Microsoft Xbox 360

Xbox 360 Will Support 3D Full Game

Xbox Live | Xbox 360 and 3D | Microsoft Xbox 360 - A new report claims that Microsoft will launch the full 3D stereoscopic technology capabilities to its flagship gaming console Xbox 360 at E3 event, which was held next June.

With the 3D stereo support it is expected to work exactly like the PS3 3D effect, with full HDMI 1.4 support stereoscopic 3D in 720p 1280x1470 frame configuration.

"The machine is not only very capable, even more capable than the PlayStation 3 which supports 3D content," said one unnamed source.

As you may recall, a small number of Xbox 360 games currently support what "stereoscopic 3D," including Crysis 2 and Crytek's Treyarch, Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has refused to confirm or deny the reports mentioned above, the software giant said that they do not need to comment on rumors or speculation.

Microsoft Windows 8 | Windows 8 | Released Date

Microsoft Releases Windows 8 on 2012

Microsoft Windows 8 | Windows 8 | Released Date - Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer confirmed that Microsoft will launch the next generation Windows platform that is temporarily referred to as Windows 8 in 2012.

"We are working hard to develop the next version of Windows," Ballmer said at the developers conference in Japan.

"We want to move to next-generation Windows systems, which will appear next year. In addition there are many more that could be expected from Microsoft," he continued.

In a statement, Ballmer also uses the name 'Windows 8 ' related to the operating system. "You will hear a lot about Windows 8, whether it is tablet, PC or other variations,"says Ballmer.

During recent weeks, analysts and technology reporter claims that Windows 8 will be the official name of the new Microsoft platform. But until now Microsoft has not been willing to confirm the report.

In the latest demo version of Windows at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), President of Windows Division Steve Sinofsky refused to call Windows 8 as the name for their new platforms.

"I did not mention Windows 8, I call it the latest generation of Windows, 'said Kinofsky.

Not long after, Microsoft by ZDNet Ballmer claimed that the statement should be corrected. "We can not wait for the latest generation of hardware Windows 7 that will be present next year. Until now we have not officially announced the date or the name of the Windows version."

Apple Mac OS | Apple Mac As Virus Target | Apple Virus and Malware

For Its Popular, Apple Mac Be The Virus Target

Apple Mac OS | Apple Mac As Virus Target | Apple Virus and Malware - So far, surely Apple's Mac computers are always proud for its immunity against viruses and malware. But more and more users are switching to Mac computers make it as easy targets spread of the virus by hackers.
A spokesman for computer security firm Sophos, Graham Culey, claims that in recent weeks there was increasing number of malware aimed at Macs.
"For Mac users which do not use antivirus protection, they become easily target. Mac become victims of their own success," said Culey.
One of malware for Apple's iconic computer is a Mac Defender, which is distributed using various names, including Mac Protector. Malware gets into your Mac via fake Google Image results or pop-ups on the internet that claims the user that their computer infected with a virus and they should download the antivirus software to remove it.
Joel Esler of the Sourcefire Vulnerability Research Team explained that the Defender look like a Mac native application for Mac OS X.
"There are no suspicious signs Defender if the Mac is actually a malware. There are no words that are misspelled, he said arrangements are also acceptable to the general reader," says Esler.
"We often see this kind of malware on Windows systems. But I think Mac users do not have much experience in the spread of viruses like this," he concluded.

Android Amazon | Amazon Tablet Android Released | Android Tablet

Android Amazon Tablet Will Present in This End Of Year

Android Amazon | Amazon Tablet Android Released | Android Tablet - Amazon was allegedly ready to release 10 inches and 7 inches Android tablet at Christmas 2011. This speculation issued by Tim Bajarin Creative Strategies analyst, who claimed if he had received information from several sources in Taipei.
According to Bajarin, Amazon would launch 10-inch tablet, and possibly a 7-inch, late next year.
Further, Bajarin predicts Amazon tablet will have a LCD screen and supports Adobe Flash. In addition, the tablet was allegedly carrying the Amazon output quad-core chips for Nvidia's Tegra processor.
Bajarin also claims that Amazon would put approximately USD349 price tag for its 7-inch tablet. While the 10-inch version will be released at a price of USD449.
Speculation linked the presence of tablet sticking Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos statement some time ago. when asked about the possibility of launching tablet joined Amazon, Bezos said "wait".
Although the tablet market already crowded with many players, Bajarin seems optimistic with a chance of Amazon. He even claims that the tablet Amazon will be the toughest competitor of Apple's iPad.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Convex Lens On iPhone5 | iPhone5 Released Date

iPhone 5 Will Use Convex Lens?

Convex Lens On iPhone5 | iPhone5 Released Date - The presence of a fifth-generation iPhone is still shrouded in mystery, from the date of the launch to support technology LTE (long term evolution). Now stuck again rumors that mention iPhone 5 brand-new will use a convex lens as cell phone screen.

Digitimes claims Apple has purchased approximately 200 to 300 glass cutting machine to boost production of convex lenses.

If the news proved true, this is not the first time that Apple uses convex lenses to its product. Previously, Apple used the lens on the old-generation iPod Nano.

In addition to the iPod Nano, Samsung also uses a convex lens for Nexus S smart phones. Samsung claims the decision to use a convex lens is for the convenience of users.

"Samsung's research shows that a convex lens is more convenient to use than the flat display," as quoted by Digitimes.

Apple iPhone allegedly began producing 5 in July, before the official launch of September. But the news was also unclear after recent rumors that the fifth generation of iconic phone will be present on 21 November.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Apple Store 2.0 | Apple Retail Store | Apps Store

Apple Ready To Presents Apple Store 2.0

Apple Store 2.0 | Apple Retail Store | Apps Store - Apple has revealed a new design for Apple Store with the name Apple Store 2.0, it could be to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Apple retail store.

One of the most visible changes is wearing IPAD to present the details of price and product offerings.

In addition, the iPad is also used to present the comparison between Apple's products which are different, as well as sales of devices (point-of-sale) interactive.

Apart from being an interactive sales tool, IPAD also used in the Apple Store 2.0 as a tool to call the waiter to help consumers introduce the product.

Apple Store Design 2.0 has been launched at the Apple Store in the world. For now there is a new Apple Store in the United States, Britain, Canada, Italy, Australia, China, Switzerland, Germany, France and Spain.

Apple Store first opened in the United States in 2001. In February 2011, Apple has opened 300 Apple Stores worldwide.

Gingerbread on Honeycomb Tablet | How To Change Gingerbread Interface

Gingerbread on Honeycomb Tablet | How To Change Gingerbread Interface - Did You Realize How Gingerbread 'Tucked' in Honeycomb Tablet. A surprising discovery from a tablet user. He can showed how to turns out Honeycomb (Android 3.0) in your Gingerbread (Android 2.3) interface which is hidden by just doing a simple trick.

Users who have known with the identity Graffix0214 on YouTube, he upload a video showing how to present Honeycomb interface in a tablet-based Gingerbread.

To get the Gingerbread interface, you only need to change the sharpness of your LCD to 170 or higher. After that, reboot, and you will get your tablet immediately display the Gingerbread interface.

Meanwhile, if the sharpness of the LCD is set to number 160 or lower, you will get back to the user interface Honeycomb after reboot.

It is so simple, two thumbs for Graffix0214

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Xbox Live | Xbox 360 Update | Xbox and Paypal | Microsoft Xbox

Get Xbox 360 Update with Pay Pal

Recent news from Microsoft about Xbox 360 update, this new update will make you easy to get your Xbox Live content using Pay Pal. So it mean you will not need any credit card to afford it.

Beside that this Xbox features support for a new disc format that gives about 1GB of space back. Get energy saving as the addition, ff completely idle for an hour, the console will by default go into standby mode. Active downloads should still continue in this setting, and users can turn it off in the settings if they need the system active.

The users should see that this update as a part of a phased rollout, yup Microsoft actually ready to push the release to all Xbox Live user in the next two weeks. If you find any troubles with the new disc format on some of the oldest Xbox 360s may get a replacement system if they meet certain conditions.

Monday, May 2, 2011

2 Women's Sued Google for 50 Million $

2 Women's Sued Google for 50 Million $

Two women from Michigan sued Google for 50 million $ and demanded that Google stop selling phones with software that uses GPS.

The lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court in Detroit on behalf of the plaintiff Julie Brown and Kayla Molaski, which seek class-action status to a lawsuit. The lawyer, Steven Budaj, believes they upset with the location tracking data.

"This puts users at serious risk of invasion of privacy, including stalking,"said the lawyer.

Google itself made ??no secret that collect GPS location information including current location, using a wifi network, and Android devices.

Google spokesman acknowledged that it is indeed a 'reconnaissance' of users. But it was done for the sake of services such as maps, search for shops or restaurants as well as studying the traffic on some streets.

"The phone knows your location, and it is necessary for the various services we offer,"said Google spokesman Mike Nelson.

Windows 7 Phone (Could Have) Plan to Record Users Data | Windows 7 Phone

Windows 7 Phone (Could Have) Plan to Record Users Data

After the case of location-based data tracking by Android and IOS sticking out, now a number of other mobile operating systems, get, 'the accused'. One of them is Windows Phone 7.

Besides the iPhone and Android phones that have been known to store data anywhere the user travels location, Microsoft also have the case.

Microsoft confirmed that Windows 7 Phone indeed track the user's location data automatically, regardless of whether the user activates the built-in GPS service or not.

However, unlike Apple, Microsoft is not covering up and furtively admit that.

Added, Windows 7 Phone does intend to collect data for meta-analysis as an internal knowledge related to the development of GPS, WiFi, and other wireless data signal.

Luckily it does not continue, Microsoft also made ??clear that his party still know and understand the privacy of its users.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Compete SEO With Content

Compete SEO With Content

How to get high ranking in the search engine, the answer is you can compile it with high quality content. What the content are? Content are “all the stuff on your website”, you can have a content-rich website by providing lots of information for the reader to see, read and use. Surely it would take excellent effect on your SEO campaign, if you concentrate on the text as a fantastic part of your websites then just ignore about the pictures, videos, or sounds (as like them are part of your website decoration). Your content is related about the text, and the text it self more over about the words that search engines can read. So where you should go to get that text with excellent keywords are?

Firstly, let me remind you how to get compete in search engine. You can make well-optimized pages, get lots of links into your sites and targeted keyword on your content. Yup if you can make them above surely fantastic positions you can get.

Now let’s back on how to get a text. Make your own content with all your stuff. It should be a hard thing to do if you don’t have any ability on writing. So make it simple, just questions someone else to write fantastic content for you. Seem like a simple way, but it is not free really. You might need lot of money to get someone write content for you. Need another way to get excellent content, find existing content from somewhere else then mix and place on your websites.

Writing Your Own Content
Make a plot to write your own content, if you find it are heavy for you just get summaries of online articles out there. Its honestly quick and simple way, but you need to remember about copyright honest use. If you have a few sentences of the article just consider about link back as a source back to the main article which is you summarized.
Another way with your own content, you can make review of websites or product reviews.
How about other people content? Just make it as another source of your websites content. If you interested on internet marketing and want make any check from it just grab some of product information out there. Contact them and question about their product to sell on your site.
Simple way on other people content is government sources, just check the government sites for free materials for your content. How about content syndication sites, these sites can provide you free content for your websites. Or you can play with your RSS syndication feeds as the content of your site. RSS syndication feeds will give you two ways of content:

a. An RSS feed, as a source of content
b. An RSS aggregator, this is takes the information from the feed and drops it into a web page.

You can find lots of sites which are provide RSS feed as your content sources.

Maybe you have heard about open content and copy left. The writers it self, release the work for public modification, with understanding that anyone who using the work must agree to not claim original authorship and to release all derivative works under the same conditions. Just find all information which is released under copyleft as your content sources.

Press Releases
It sound is fantastic for you as it use without the permission. Press release it self have purpose to send it out and see who picks it up. It don’t need any permit from the owner as it have implied agreement that you can simply take the release and post it on your website as your content (unchanged and its entirely, off course).
Are you ready to complete your SEO with content, lets make it up…