Sunday, April 4, 2010

Google AdSense Work On Your Site

Are you ready have for this treasure on internet world? If you have this account I will tell you a little more tips about to get Google AdSense work on your site.

    * The first is about how many site you have, in most cases you need more than one site to get high payment. If I can suggest you, ideally you should have at least ten site or blog (surely a good one and more preferably). You only have one low traffic site; it won’t give you more money a month. But if you have lot preferable site with high paying topics (unique topics) you’ll make some money on it. To make your AdSense empire you need work hard on it, for the example you can make one blog each month then add a certain number of pages to existing sites each month. Surely in need more time to create your own empire, but you should recognize what you can get from this empire.
    * The second is more about traffic on your website. Yes it always traffic that will lead you on your own success. You need a little more time and working hard on bringing traffic to your site for each and surely it need a traffic everyday. Let me remind you how to get these traffic on your site, write and submit more articles, or you can participate in the forums, get into social networking and don’t forget about social bookmarking. Surely it can be the easiest way to get traffics on your blog. You should have a time adding to existing site while you build the new ones then it need more time to promote all existing site you have.
    * The third is about TOS, you must follow Google’s rules at all times especially on AdSense program TOS. Remember that Google’s has regulations for your site, it also has rules related to what your site may not include, it has rules about incentives for getting people to click on your ads, and they definitely have rules against clicking on your own ads. Actually these rules to protect the integrity of the program, you should read all AdSense Program Policy, Google TOS, and also Webmaster Guidelines before run your ads program on your blog.
    * Don’t forget for using the analytic tools from Google, it will help you to keep track of results and compare it. Your tracking records is to optimize your revenues each month, you will find out what ad formats, ad placement, and ad colors work best for your site then it will lead you on what techniques are working best in driving traffic to your site.

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