Friday, January 28, 2011

SpongeBob Legends of Bikini Bottom

SpongeBob Legends of Bikini Bottom

Burger King SpongeBob Legends of Bikini Bottom kids meal toys promotion is now on at Burger King. One of 6 Burger King SpongeBob’s Legends of Bikini Bottom toys are included free with every BK kids meal sold. Extra toys to complete the Burger King SpongeBob set are available for purchase separately.
SpongeBob Legends of Bikini Bottom marketing campaign by Burger King is being done in conjunction with Nickelodeon for the benefit of promoting the SpongeBob TV Series.
There are a total of 6 toys to pick up to complete the collection – Surfin SpongeBob, Scuba Spin SpongeBob, Squidward Ring Toss, Hat Splash SpongeBob, Backstroke Mr Krabs and Pants Changing Patrick.

Surfin SpongeBob – Plug the key into the wave. Push the button to launch SpongeBob. Watch him spin 360 degrees as the wave crashes forward.
Scuba Spin SpongeBob – Fill chamber with water to magnify SpongeBob’s face. Push arm down to see face whirl around.
Squidward Ring Toss – Fill chamber with water and push button repeatedly to pump rings onto Squidward’s tentacles.
Hat Splash SpongeBob – Fill chamber with water then push button on his back to squirt water from his wacky hat.
Backstroke Mr Krabs – Wind up toy. Rotate Mr Krabs arm then place him in water to watch him do backstroke.
Pants Changing Patrick – Place Patrick in cold water to watch the flowers on his pants change color.
Look’s like there will be a few trips to Burger King over the coming days, or should I say a few million trips.

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