Sunday, April 17, 2011

Get Microsoft's Office 2011 for Mac Service Pack 1

Get Microsoft's Office 2011 for Mac Service Pack 1

Finally Microsoft's Office 2011 for Mac Service Pack 1 avalaible, Service Pack 1 (also known as version 14.1.0) also includes the ability to author Alt Text for objects like shapes, pictures, tables, charts, SmartArt and movies in any of Office 2011’s programs. In addition, Excel 2011 users can now install the Solver analysis tool while PowerPoint users can add password protection to their presentations.

As we know that Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 SP1 will provide the development of stability, security and some new features, including support synchronization of Outlook that have been developed, as the addition to the development of performance.

With this update you can synchronize your Outlook calendars as contact and notes with device that supports Sync Services. But MobileMe, will no longer be synchronized with the Mac OS Sync Services. This means the calendar Outlook 2011 SP1 will not sync with MobileMe calendar.

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