Monday, June 13, 2011

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Google Reportedly Make 'BlackBerry Messenger for Android'

Google Messenger | Android Messenger | Messenger - After Apple announced the presence of iMessage as a competitor to the BlackBerry Messenger owned by RIM, Google did not want to miss. The company is reportedly preparing a similar service aimed at users of Android.
This news comes from Bets Ventura sources that mention Google will try to make a similar service like iMessage for Android users. If so, for consumers, this new application will offer an integrated way which is faster and less expensive for friends in sending messages.
Although it would make the operator distraught, because maybe they will see a text message in their favor so far, will be eroded by Android Messenger. Messaging applications will move texting to data network.
Unfortunately, there has been no comment from Google's side about the truth of the news (Android Messaging). Google is being actively developed its instant messaging service, in addition to search engines.
This means users will be able to send text and multimedia messages to each other, globally, without incurring the cost of a message from the operator. Nice for Android Messaging...

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