Monday, August 15, 2011

Windows Phone 7 | WP7 | Windows 7 Phone Released 1 September

Windows Phone 7 Released 1 September

Dwellarticles | Windows Phone 7 - The presence of a new update of Windows Phone 7, Mango version, reportedly still not resolved by Microsoft. A lot of rumors circulating it around the release date of Windows Phone 7 this.

Windows 7 Phone Mango is reportedly been released on a limited basis since three weeks ago and some vendors have done tests on the handset. This means that in the near Mango was able to attend, the fastest at 1 September.

Although it comes too late and was impressed mysterious, Mango is not too carry a very significant update. Some observers even disappointed with this version of Mango because it is far from what is expected.

This news is quite surprising, considering that Nokia also be releasing their first Windows mobile phone and will most likely be present in October. The phone is named Sea Ray then it should begin release with Mango. Although Nokia will likely get a specialized version intended for lower middle-class users, this update is itself named Tango.

Update Mango brings all kinds of important functions, including multitasking. And will make WP7 much more competitive against Android and IOS. This includes the second-generation devices that come from major makers, the hardware must also take a big leap.

Unfortunately there has been no comment from Microsoft itself on being circulating the news

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