Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Apple Mac OS | Apple Mac As Virus Target | Apple Virus and Malware

For Its Popular, Apple Mac Be The Virus Target

Apple Mac OS | Apple Mac As Virus Target | Apple Virus and Malware - So far, surely Apple's Mac computers are always proud for its immunity against viruses and malware. But more and more users are switching to Mac computers make it as easy targets spread of the virus by hackers.
A spokesman for computer security firm Sophos, Graham Culey, claims that in recent weeks there was increasing number of malware aimed at Macs.
"For Mac users which do not use antivirus protection, they become easily target. Mac become victims of their own success," said Culey.
One of malware for Apple's iconic computer is a Mac Defender, which is distributed using various names, including Mac Protector. Malware gets into your Mac via fake Google Image results or pop-ups on the internet that claims the user that their computer infected with a virus and they should download the antivirus software to remove it.
Joel Esler of the Sourcefire Vulnerability Research Team explained that the Defender look like a Mac native application for Mac OS X.
"There are no suspicious signs Defender if the Mac is actually a malware. There are no words that are misspelled, he said arrangements are also acceptable to the general reader," says Esler.
"We often see this kind of malware on Windows systems. But I think Mac users do not have much experience in the spread of viruses like this," he concluded.

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