Thursday, May 19, 2011

Xbox Live | Xbox 360 Update | Xbox and Paypal | Microsoft Xbox

Get Xbox 360 Update with Pay Pal

Recent news from Microsoft about Xbox 360 update, this new update will make you easy to get your Xbox Live content using Pay Pal. So it mean you will not need any credit card to afford it.

Beside that this Xbox features support for a new disc format that gives about 1GB of space back. Get energy saving as the addition, ff completely idle for an hour, the console will by default go into standby mode. Active downloads should still continue in this setting, and users can turn it off in the settings if they need the system active.

The users should see that this update as a part of a phased rollout, yup Microsoft actually ready to push the release to all Xbox Live user in the next two weeks. If you find any troubles with the new disc format on some of the oldest Xbox 360s may get a replacement system if they meet certain conditions.

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