Friday, June 11, 2010

Choosing a Hosting Company and Domain Name

When you create a websites the first thing to consider is where you should put your site, it means you should have the web server (hosting company) and then the domain name first.
For domain name you should choose a domain name that short, easy to spell, and also its name easy to remember. After you find it, you should get the .com version of a domain name, but you don’t ever try to use .net, .org, .cc or anything else as an another alternate. It could take effect for your site traffic because of almost people much easy to remind .com version than other.

The best web host for user is the one that meets their most important needs, sometimes this could be meaning as a host that allows for a lot of bandwidth, provide more tools and options for building their web sites. Then for the others the best web host is the one that is the most affordable. So for choosing the best web host for your needs is extremely important. Maybe you might prefer a cheap web hosting; it can be you choose this cheap web hosting as long as your site doesn’t attract thousand of visitors a day. Such as if you have a blog or a small business site. But beware if you are using a cheap web host, you should prefer to choose a web host that offers a money back guarantee or you have to look at how long that company has been operating how many websites it hosts.
At last, if you think you are ready for all above you can put your site then manage it for your needs.

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