Thursday, June 24, 2010

How About “Green”

Building “green” is a popular industry in the recent days, it because can bring a lot benefits for the owners then also bring good impact for our great environment. By the “green”, we can limit the use the global warming and also the air pollution for making better place to our next generations and for the world where we live.
For being “green” we can start from our building materials such as a lumber, try to change it with something new like wood fiber. Recycler materials such as bamboo are more useful thing for our flooring if we are choosing the traditional flooring options.
And then for our heating and cooling system, we can use a lot power from solar energy that it is free for us. We can save our payment on electricity then we can make a good impact for our environmental. For choosing solar energy it might need an expensive outright, but it is another ways to keep and saving our environment for being good. Use windows with a low remissibility for better cooling and heating cost, and installing special roof that are heat resistant to make it.
For our garden, use a certain landscaping techniques that will help to eliminate correcting damaging drainage issues, using turf grass and also the native plant life. Beside that, eliminate also for using harmful pesticide and fertilizer that might made your environmental unhealthy.
Use “green”, being “green” for our better live……..

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