Monday, June 7, 2010

How Fast Your Load Page Take

One point important thing on site in internet is about loading time of our site, for this case it can because all of the things from your site and also the internet connection speed. If a web page takes too long a time to load, the visitors will simply jump on to another site. It make your site rating down, and it is poor thing if you have already follow and join to an affiliate program or if your site for promotions. Even though the download time depends on the internet connection speed but we can limited this problem from your lay out and source code to make it faster.
All about sounds, videos, flash programs, slideshows, special widgets, and also a gadget are always interesting to make cool your site, but the cool it self is not needed if you are trying to make something on your site. It is the first things that make your site need more time to load, so to make it faster you need to limit or remove those all that you really don't need. If you are like to show up your favorite video then make it embed on your sidebar, it would better if you try to create link instead. If you are embedding a background music file, choose one that has a very small file size (e.g., MIDI files instead of WAV files).
How about images on your page, huge and a lot images on your page it will affect on your page load speed. Try to optimize it by reducing the file size, you can use photo editing software then resize or crop the images. When you are trying to save it you can choose low or medium quality format, it would much better than you choose high quality format for your images. Then it about JPG and GIF images, I think the GIF images will take a faster load than JPG images then it have smaller file sizes. Maybe GIF images are not as sharp but are appropriate for standard graphics and buttons.
And then more about JavaScript on your blog, JavaScript it self is about the languages that the browser must load and interpret. A complicated script may take time to execute. Now where you can find this code, it is simple just like in your Google Ads. If your advertisement were slow in delivering the information it will affect on your page loads. Beside your Adsense you might control the third party widgets and gadgets which are on your blog or website.
You make a blog or website so you should know about HTML codes even though you are the newbie, for this go to your template code and remove the whitespaces. These are the extra lines or spaces between the codes. There are also the empty tags or useless tag that you can remove, just like meaningless opening and closing tags like these with nothing in between:-
{ div --- /div
font --- /font
b --- /b
i ---/i


All above are useless tag, you should remove it all on your HTML page.
How about the template, please try to use a template without background images, it made the browser has to access separate servers to extract the images. Don't forget to use link checker to find out a bad links, links when clicked, point you to an invalid or non-existent site. Just remove this bad link from your blogroll.
And the last is about content which you have, if you still find the page load time a little long then you should try to display only one post on your main page or split your content into parts. It's true; you can save a load time when you make this.
To know more about the load page of your blog or website just use free online tools to check it seems like a website speed test for the keyword on your search page. After use it absolutely you can know how about your load page, if you find something trouble about it you can try all above just to save your load time. Wish it can help......

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