Friday, June 11, 2010

Money From Blogging

One of the most popular and common part-time job in the Internet is blogging for advertisers. If you want to know how to have money making blogs, maybe I can help you
1. Make sure that you love writing and you could express your ideas well. It need your ability in writing.
2. Set up a blog account in wherever you feel most comfortable. You can find various provider to do this or you can make it if you have a good skill on web design
3. Find an advertisement feeder which would supply you with advertisements that would be posted on your blog site.

4. Find a space in your blog site wherein you could position your advertisements.
5. Blog away! However, make sure that what you are posting is relevant and that your site traffic does not drop.
Before that you should pay attention on how getting traffic for your site.
Having a blog is nothing to you or anything at all to your readers if you are not getting enough traffic to show who you are and make your name known. To do that you need a social networking, blog posts can now be syndicated across many different platforms such as friend feed, twitter, faceboook with rss in place. You need to find blogs in your niche that have the same topic as you, leave comments on posts. Promote affiliate products for your competitor's blogs and ask to guest blog posts. Rss feed is the way to go to syndicate your content all over the internet and get your content out there and get it out there quickly. When ever you log on to a new social networking platform, make sure you see if you are able to syndicate your content automatically from your blog. Submit your content to article directories. Of course with a link back to your site it can be very effective for inbound links and search engine traffic. Don’t forget to get the site links…
Let try………….

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