Friday, August 20, 2010

Get Indexed By Google

For being indexed by Google you can begin to do the things that become your main purpose. It seems like a trouble for new site for being indexed by Google, but it is not as that trouble if you know how to get indexed. If you're not in their index, your site can't be ranked by them because they don't know your site exists. If you have tried to get your site being indexed by Google the first thing that might appear on your mind is about add your site to them. Just like you go to this Url, does it work for your site? This Url is an actual website submission form for Google. They state that you can use this form to submit your website to their index of websites and it can take up to 6 weeks for your website to be placed into their index.
So how about the faster ways for being indexed?Yes it is about create and manage link, your new site can get their attention if you have good back link to your site. The first thing that you should do is about link building, just try to realize what you are talking about on your site. For the example is, if your site talking about SEO, then you go to Google search to looking for that things which related to SEO matter. You can find lot sites which are talking about SEO as their subject matter. And then try to make contact to them, you should check and see whether or not they have links pages. Usually they have resources, links, related sites, etc as their page link. Now, you need to search their website for their contact information or information on getting a link from one of their high Page Rank webpages. But remember you should have a good skill how to persuade them to linking on your site. For good back link surely is about page rank, try to index their page rank then choose the higher page rank. To get indexed by Google your site should have a link from other sites which have higher page rank. Once you find their contact information you should send them an email asking if they will link to your website in return for you linking back to their website. If you do this correctly and professionally, they will respond and will place a link on their website to yours.

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