Friday, August 20, 2010

Improving Your Google Rankings 1 Day At A Time

It's a thought. Is your website not worth much if it's not on Google's front page? Or at least have a good pagerank? Well, it's true… improving your Google page ranking is extremely important for the health of your business and ROI.Your site's position on the Google search pages is dependent on many factors. Quality well-written content is just one of them. Since, playing around with the search engine system has become almost a norm, it has become important to follow, what I call, the search engine rules guide. This is the only way that you can improve your Google rankings and reach the TOP position. Let's get you started on the three best techniques to climb up the rankings…one day at a time.
Techniques To Improving Your Website's Google RankingsI am not going to be hackneyed and state the obvious several times over. As clichéd as it may sound, content is the king! Keep your content fresh, interesting, original, and grammatically correct as well as updated (aim to update it once a month). Search engine robots will provide favor because of this (changing your content regularly), so update regularly!After having done the above, it's time to get down to the other serious business of implementing techniques to boosting the pagerankings. Here are 3 recommended ways:Google Sitemaps: Using Google Sitemaps will help you understand how Google views your website and when the content and design was updated last. You can also check if your site has any other issues. A Google sitemap will also help your site's visitors navigate the various pages better. The sitemaps have the best impact on large websites (often times ecommerce).
Community Service: Well, I don't really mean that you offer community service here, I mean getting involved in the internet and getting your name out there. However, by getting involved in forums, networking sites, blogs, quality directories and other online communities that are related or relevant to your website will help you grab eyeballs as well as improve your pagerank. Stop by these public places as much as possible and help people by answering their queries, posting helpful links that lead them to a solution (could be your website), and try to post information regarding your services or products. However, many of the community sites have a strong 'no spam' policy and may not allow you to have a signature with your website link.In Competition Lies Knowledge: Don't miss an opportunity to learn from your closest competitor. Keep exploring Google to find out the keywords used by the competition. You can also visit some of the highest ranked competitor websites and analyze them to see what they do differently. A hot tip is to check out the source code of the website to understand how to better yourself and your business. Try to find out the various authority sites that your competitors link get links from and try to build links from those sites yourself.Some of the other important techniques include using proper (valid) HTML or XHTML code, using META tags for keywords and page descriptions; publishing articles (to a select few popular article sites) to promote your services/products.

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