Saturday, August 21, 2010

Make A Profitable Google AdSense

I have great site and have lot traffic then what should I do to get money from it? The first things that you should consider how to get fresh money from your site you should get AdSense program to work on you. This program surely can be a truly huge treasure, it can be the other ways to get and create money online by your site. And now how we can manage this program to work on you? Actually the AdSense it still a secret for any webmasters, from my though they just predicted how this program work on your site. Surely there are no the final answer how it will work very perfect. But just don’t loose your willing to work with your AdSense.

For this reasons I can give you a simple steps how to get ways for better AdSense program work on your site.
  • 1.       The first is about the Ad Unit

Want your earning get more in click through rates, you should consider about the most favorite Ad Unit is the large rectangle (336X280). This unit surely will create a higher CTR through the links that they brought just like theirs ad that will look like a normal web links.
  • 2.       The second is how to combine your color palettes

Try to make it almost the same with your background template color. You can choose to blend your ad unit color blending with your background; surely it will bring lot of benefit on your AdSense earning.
  • 3.       How about your placement

It related on your purpose you created a site, sometimes you will find the ads that bury on the bottom of the page or you can find lot of ads in one page. Maybe you ever heard about lot of ads will irritate the eyes of your visitors; it can be true if you can’t manage the placement of your ads. Just trust me it is not absolutely right, many the worst site with lot of ads is the best profitable site. Just set your mind free to optimize about the placement, combined how it will match for your site.

These are the simple ways and the most basic tips to starting how to make your AdSense work on your site and optimize your revenues. Just make a focus on a specific topic related on your site content, remember about targeted ads from AdSense program. So get ready to work with and get your internet treasures bury you…..

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