Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ups This Page Banned My Site....?

I don’t know exactly what was happened on my brother site, today I found his site get banned by Google. For this he might cry for a long night, yeah it could be happen if we did something that can be called an illegal thing on our site, especially on our page. Just like what my brother did, he wants get the higher rank but unfortunately he gets banned today. 
What about hidden text, yes it first that I can find on my brother page.
Hidden Text is simply text that users can't see when they visit your webpage. Some webmasters will do this so that they can add keywords throughout their webpage without it interfering with what the visitors actually see. Yet, the search engines can still see hidden text. You can find this hidden text by clicked "ctrl + a" on your keyboard. This will highlight the entire webpage even though you are trying to hide your text, just like make the same color on your text with your site.
And how about “alt image tag spamming”, this is another way that people will try to fill up keywords into their website, allowing search engines to see their keywords, but not allowing visitors to notice any difference in their website. The real purpose of an alt image tag is if a user visits your website and the graphic will not load, or is disabled by their web browser, text will appear instead of the graphic. This is often used for blind people. Alt image spamming is something you want to stay clear of. What I can find on my brother site, he just repeated that alt tag in several. “broken home broken home broken home how to repair broken home made home tips for broken home tips on broken home”, notice how many times my brother repeated that words.
“Meta Tag Stuffing”, oh dear how you can do that bad things? In this case my brothers just do something nasty on his meta tags, he throw thousands of the same exact keyword into his meta tags. This is obviously ridiculous, because of Google doesn't use Meta Tags when ranking your websites. For this my brother made a good meta tags, but you should avoid it "meta name="KEYWORDS" CONTENT="home, HOME, Home, home home supplies, home, home, HOME, home, Home, home, HOME, Home, home, home supplies, home, home, HOME, home, Home, home, HOME, Home, home supplies, home, home, HOME, home, Home, home, HOME, Home, home home, supplies, home, home, HOME, home, Home home, HOME, Home, home, home, home, home, HOME, home, Home".
If you do something on your SEO, you should consider about what was happened to my brother. Wish you can avoid all above, keep fight on your SEO to get your rank.

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